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Avatar for endjamin

I know these problems are hard to diagnose, but I'm getting a terrible electronic whine from my interface, particularly when I...

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Avatar for Deleted User
Deleted User 16th July 2017
Avatar for bickieb

Hi there! After a windows update I can't use my ROLAND-duo capture in Sonar X3 producer edition anymore. It works in melodyne...

replies: 6 views: 692
Avatar for fireberd
fireberd 16th July 2017
Avatar for gucci_clone

hi im using ableton on osx and i just got a roland JD 990 and an mpk25 for cheap but i dont have an audio interface... does...

replies: 1 views: 463
Avatar for ScoobyDoo555
ScoobyDoo555 16th July 2017
Avatar for PTS

Hi, sorry of this somewhat of the newbie question. I have a question about the KRK Ergo I own. I'm planning on switching from my...

replies: 1 views: 559
Avatar for ChrisNunchuck
ChrisNunchuck 16th July 2017
Avatar for oprema

This fall I will be working on a three-week long project overseas, and I'm trying to figure out what would be an adequate...

replies: 1 views: 565
Avatar for oprema
oprema 16th July 2017
Avatar for iLoksupport

Hello. This is Allen Cronce, President of PACE. The past week has been one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. As I read...

replies: 1,374 views: 139,815
Avatar for doom64
doom64 16th July 2017
Avatar for tasker

Hi Y'all, I have a (hopefully) simple question about the Waves Morphoder Vocoder. To limit the discussion, I'm trying to...

replies: 6 views: 6,409
Avatar for earthvomit
earthvomit 15th July 2017
Avatar for barryfell

I was surprised to see nobody has mentioned the 8Dio Blendstrument series. Blendstrument Alive Percussion Blendstrument...

replies: 2 views: 528
Avatar for barryfell
barryfell 15th July 2017
Avatar for Tunca

Hi, I'm trying to fit Bx_Console to 13" Macbook.But i can't see GR meter and low band of EQ. How to fit it?Any...

replies: 0 views: 429
Avatar for Tunca
Tunca 15th July 2017
Avatar for Zabble

Hi all. Half question, half comment. Posted this on the manufacturers forum but it is very quiet over there... I decided to...

replies: 1 views: 817
Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 15th July 2017
Avatar for The Press Desk

URS announces Saturation 64-bit ! The URS Saturation plug-in v3.0 is now currently available for 64-bit hosts. The...

The Press Desk
replies: 123 views: 15,523
Avatar for blobster
blobster 15th July 2017
Avatar for teacluke

Hi all, I record on analog equipment like the Tascam 388, or older reel-to-reel TEACs. However, I also need to be able to...

replies: 4 views: 483
Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 14th July 2017
Avatar for spidernook

Ok so I'm new to chaining all this stuff. I picked up an Akai AX60 and an Akai S612 and they are made for each other -...

replies: 2 views: 525
Avatar for spidernook
spidernook 14th July 2017
Avatar for Torg

Hey people What are the guidelines for selecting the frequency cutoff between the subwoofer and near field monitors? Ive...

replies: 0 views: 422
Avatar for Torg
Torg 14th July 2017
Avatar for Alndln

I'm doing a build for a friend and need a free simple CD/DVD burning software for Win 7 64. He burns CD's and data DVD's. No...

replies: 10 views: 874
Avatar for fireberd
fireberd 14th July 2017
Avatar for rjo361

hey guys, do you know of any good vsti's that have good horns for funk? i'm looking to some brass and sax to add some color and...

replies: 33 views: 10,107
Avatar for Monkey Man
Monkey Man 14th July 2017
Avatar for Chris Dean

Unsure on what the hell is going on, but it's creating a nasty popping sound when sitting idle. No USB attached to unit mezed I...

Chris Dean
replies: 9 views: 586
Avatar for Chris Dean
Chris Dean 14th July 2017
Avatar for audiogirl23

Hello everyone :) I have an old original Apogee Duet and I'm running Logic X with it. It's been giving me a lot of cracking...

replies: 11 views: 2,446
Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 14th July 2017
Avatar for yeloop

Hey guys, Hoping for some help for a friend of mine. She is trying to work out how to create the angular lines (in the...

replies: 0 views: 395
Avatar for yeloop
yeloop 14th July 2017
replies: 3 views: 433
Avatar for captain caveman
captain caveman 13th July 2017
Avatar for Benmrx

Is there any real competition to Altiverb yet? By competition, I'm specifically talking about a convolution reverb with impulse...

replies: 4 views: 1,769
Avatar for Benmrx
Benmrx 13th July 2017
Avatar for Rexesq

Quick question: I am connecting a Mackie MCU and and XT unit, both through a MIDI interface. Thus, the MCU goes into MIDI A and...

replies: 0 views: 441
Avatar for Rexesq
Rexesq 13th July 2017
Avatar for djwaxxy

turned my computer on today and ive lost a lot of hd space yet again.ive checked my apps in windows 10 and its showing two uad...

replies: 0 views: 400
Avatar for djwaxxy
djwaxxy 13th July 2017
Avatar for noah440

I'm doing my best to get rid of all UAD plugins (let's not get into any kind of UAD argument here - that's simply the way it is...

replies: 17 views: 1,400
Avatar for holographic
holographic 13th July 2017
Avatar for JayTee4303

Hope this helps. I built my first computer in 1989. The tricked out PC listed in my sig. I had a Timex Sinclair before that,...

replies: 1 views: 399
Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 13th July 2017
Avatar for SEA

Looks like this will be the one for my next daw. One review on...

replies: 0 views: 698
Avatar for SEA
SEA 13th July 2017
Avatar for Dgr

So here's a question - I have a MacBook running Logic Pro X, two AVB'd MOTU interfaces, and a Mutec word clock. If I want the...

replies: 3 views: 490
Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 13th July 2017
Avatar for Beat Head

Im currently traveling and will continue for here on app. I want to be able to create production and mix my production while...

Beat Head
replies: 2 views: 510
Avatar for Beat Head
Beat Head 13th July 2017
Avatar for bakerlite

I am looking to get an audient id22 - is it possible to avail of the 2 ins and 6 outs via the ADAT ports at 96khz instead of...

replies: 4 views: 536
Avatar for audientworld
audientworld 13th July 2017
Avatar for lagwagon06

Hi guys, I actually own a presonus audiobox usb and want to upgrade and I am kind of lost with the different possibilities. My...

replies: 0 views: 446
Avatar for lagwagon06
lagwagon06 13th July 2017
Avatar for mjgltd88

Apollo Twin users - I'm contemplating upgrading from the apollo twin duo to the apollo twin mkII quad. the main thing i am in...

replies: 0 views: 941
Avatar for mjgltd88
mjgltd88 13th July 2017
Avatar for am0rphis

Hey folks, I just bought a used Lynx Aurora 16 and wanted to check what the I/O latency was. So I set up a 24/96k session,...

replies: 1 views: 679
Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 13th July 2017
Avatar for Nate Wade

Pulling the trigger on a new system and would welcome any comments. Here's a list of components; be quiet! BG006 Silent Base...

Nate Wade
replies: 6 views: 583
Avatar for Nate Wade
Nate Wade 13th July 2017
Avatar for Thavma

Hi there, Are there any more than Acustica Audio's stuff with convolution technique sampled compressors and EQs? I find...

replies: 2 views: 643
Avatar for Clockwise
Clockwise 13th July 2017
Avatar for Zoofie

Hey guys What are your favourite Superior Drummer SDX expansions? I do a lot of metal/rock. This leads me to think that...

replies: 0 views: 502
Avatar for Zoofie
Zoofie 13th July 2017
Avatar for Dabris

Hey, Ive got some problems with Waves Plugins that really drive me nuts. 'Bout a year ago I bought the waves gold bundle on my PC...

replies: 11 views: 1,268
Avatar for Dabris
Dabris 13th July 2017
Avatar for DecadeNow

Hey guys need some recommendations for a USB Audio Interface. I don't need more than 2 inputs but would like something that I can...

replies: 9 views: 2,253
Avatar for phaceless
phaceless 13th July 2017
Avatar for ProPower

I am so torn! My MP Hex is/(has been) a great machine (32G Ram, 512 SSD, D300). But after 3 years I am just wanting a change...

replies: 3 views: 483
Avatar for Lightsaber
Lightsaber 13th July 2017
Avatar for BH61

I just bought a Steinberg UR 22 mkII and have been using tracktion 4. Before I was using a behringer 302 usb with ASIO4ALL ....

replies: 0 views: 387
Avatar for BH61
BH61 12th July 2017
Avatar for Jafaroff

Sorry for my bad English, don't mind me this too much, it's because my native language is Russian shiee Still can't find best low...

replies: 4 views: 822
Avatar for Jafaroff
Jafaroff 12th July 2017
Avatar for Sir Hannes

Hi, I am wondering, if there are more cheaper controllers using the EuCon protocol? I can't afford Avids Artist Mix, but...

Sir Hannes
replies: 0 views: 396
Avatar for Sir Hannes
Sir Hannes 12th July 2017
Avatar for Buckster

These Audio interfaces seem very good value - from what I've read the audio conversion quality is very good indeed - but I...

replies: 1 views: 2,002
Avatar for KIDDO0101
KIDDO0101 12th July 2017
Avatar for Quantum7

I was wondering if you guys could give me recommendations on some really good delay plugins for, lack of a better description,...

replies: 21 views: 3,173
Avatar for Diegel
Diegel 12th July 2017
Avatar for AKM

Hi, So I'm thinking if I should go for some large 4k tv/monitor for studio setup or having 3-4 "normal" 27 inch 1080...

replies: 11 views: 1,317
Avatar for charlieclouser
charlieclouser 12th July 2017
Avatar for fatcatmusic

Just realized that Waves charge annual subscription fee for upgrading their plugins. Don't know how you feel but I am surely...

replies: 37 views: 1,703
Avatar for Tui
Tui 12th July 2017
Avatar for jwh1192

HI Jim, i will PM you as well in a bit .. SSL Duende issues STILL in PT 12.8 v5.1.3, no reply from Lee at SSL .. i have...

replies: 2 views: 465
Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 12th July 2017
Avatar for TS-12

allof asudden cubase doesnt want to launch, freezes at start. error pops up: "runtime error 216 at 02AD64" same...

replies: 2 views: 535
Avatar for TS-12
TS-12 12th July 2017
Avatar for zinzin

need some "believable" trumpet sounds for a song. i just did it with what i had around, logic EXS24 samples "pop...

replies: 3 views: 541
Avatar for zinzin
zinzin 12th July 2017
Avatar for Nola111

I'm in the market for a new 2017 MacBook Pro. I use Pro Tools and Logic Pro X. I really want to stick with the 13" for...

replies: 4 views: 930
Avatar for Nola111
Nola111 12th July 2017
Avatar for DooBop

Hi Everyone, I have read some old threads about number of cores vs. core speed but haven't found the ultimate answerer,...

replies: 5 views: 748
Avatar for Pete Kaine
Pete Kaine 12th July 2017


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