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Avatar for Buckster

looking for a recommendation please up to about 400 dollars please have/will have 2 keyboards a MOXF6 a TBD 88 key...

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Avatar for Buckster
Buckster 20th March 2017
Avatar for cowboycoalminer

A lot of you guys know me. I haven't posted on this forum in a long time. Not a shill, not a UA guy, just a dude who loves...

replies: 32 views: 2,771
Avatar for Motor For Music
Motor For Music 20th March 2017
Avatar for sashley520

Just interesting in what plugins you all consider to be the most "beautiful".

replies: 64 views: 2,186
Avatar for fgimian
fgimian 20th March 2017
Avatar for anonday

SOLVED: Steinberg actually makes you install drivers on a Mac... definitely returning this crap tomorrow. Now if only I could...

replies: 1 views: 692
Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 20th March 2017
Avatar for j32smith

So my buddy's came over today with an Apollo twin silver face thunderbolt. I have a gigabyte z77X ud4th with thunderbolt 1...

replies: 0 views: 424
Avatar for j32smith
j32smith 20th March 2017
Avatar for Nakatira

I've recently gone out of the box and on to routing my daw through a hardware mixer. I've got a AD8000 Behringer connected for...

replies: 0 views: 340
Avatar for Nakatira
Nakatira 19th March 2017
Avatar for liquidcurl

I'm shopping for an external drive to store the usual, sample libraries, etc. and I see that brands like LaCie, Glyph &...

replies: 54 views: 3,602
Avatar for IkennaFuNkEn
IkennaFuNkEn 19th March 2017
Avatar for Bondtana

Would it be possible to do the following...? - Load up a piano VST in pro tools 11. - Take a batch of 50 midi files. - ...

replies: 0 views: 265
Avatar for Bondtana
Bondtana 19th March 2017
Avatar for tcpMoniker

Hello. I'm doing some research on upgrades to my current machines for use with VEP in a master-slave set up. I have: - A...

replies: 0 views: 361
Avatar for tcpMoniker
tcpMoniker 19th March 2017
Avatar for muziksculp

Hi, How useful is having Reason 9 if I use a traditional DAW that uses VSTs. (i.e. Cubase, Studio One, ..etc. ) ? I could...

replies: 32 views: 1,688
Avatar for itsyourself
itsyourself 19th March 2017
Avatar for TeraBrite

The other day I sent a (Heavy "A Day To Remember" type genre) recording I did with Guitar Rig 3 to my friend who is a...

replies: 89 views: 36,668
Avatar for jabtel
jabtel 19th March 2017
Avatar for shanabit

If anyone has both Logic and Cubase there I could use some help. Cubase will lock to MTC but the transport will not follow...

replies: 1 views: 334
Avatar for Steve Fogal
Steve Fogal 19th March 2017
Avatar for musimedia

Hi guys, anyone else having no luck getting the Alphatrack to work in Logic Pro X on Yosemite? Mine was working fine until I...

replies: 8 views: 3,466
Avatar for Tony Kamel
Tony Kamel 19th March 2017
Avatar for StefanL

Hi all Im searching for practice (and recording) at home (on a Netbook with Cubase LE 6) a small interface for my acoustic...

replies: 3 views: 1,919
Avatar for StefanL
StefanL 19th March 2017
Avatar for Zelascelar

Hi, I'm a beginner in music production so there's much I don't know yet, but I stumbled upon this video of E-MU...

replies: 7 views: 837
Avatar for Zelascelar
Zelascelar 19th March 2017
Avatar for hodshonf

and great classical instrument samples? looking for opinions on this. how's the Epic Orchestral Sample Pack? MIR Pro...

replies: 19 views: 1,156
Avatar for Jay Asher
Jay Asher 19th March 2017
Avatar for Murgatroyd

Well, I thought this was going to be simple. I used to use Adobe Audition 3.0. It was perfect for what I needed. Mixing,...

replies: 1 views: 463
Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 19th March 2017
Avatar for Oklep

Hello guys I own Scarlett 2i4 (first gen) for few years now, I bought it because everyone were saying that it has amazing...

replies: 4 views: 679
Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 19th March 2017
Avatar for deadringer971

Hi there. I was wondering if the Motu 2408 MK1 is still "good enough" (with PCI-324)? I have the possibility to buy...

replies: 17 views: 21,855
Avatar for HSi
HSi 19th March 2017
Avatar for metalparker

Hi everybody, Can anyone give me a little advice please. I am looking forward to improve my home recording setup. I work on...

replies: 0 views: 363
Avatar for metalparker
metalparker 19th March 2017
Avatar for juliomonroy

Hi, recently I bought a 4K samsung smart tv as a monitor for my iMac (2015 5k), I've connected the monitor with a mini display...

replies: 43 views: 1,694
Avatar for HSi
HSi 19th March 2017
Avatar for defexor

Hi all :cowbell:. On Atari the rule was to have percussive things on the first Midi-Channels and Pads on higher ones. Because...

replies: 2 views: 318
Avatar for defexor
defexor 19th March 2017
Avatar for oortone

I know this is old stuff but does anyone know where to find the 2016 driver for Mac for the EMU Tracker Pre 2.0...

replies: 3 views: 677
Avatar for oortone
oortone 19th March 2017
Avatar for covenantofdeath

Hi all So the other day I was recording overheads and when playing them back I noticed sound was louder on one side than the...

replies: 2 views: 330
Avatar for covenantofdeath
covenantofdeath 19th March 2017
Avatar for fiddler2007

Hi lads and lasses. I really could use some advice in getting these YSUB (Yamaha Steinberg USB) drivers installed in Win7 64bit....

replies: 4 views: 731
Avatar for teashea
teashea 19th March 2017
Avatar for pounce

I'm looking into what I can do to better utilize my second Mac along with my main Mac Pro. It currently runs Spectrafoo, but I...

replies: 7 views: 532
Avatar for Kaatza Music
Kaatza Music 19th March 2017
Avatar for throbert

I tried their Workstation and liked it with the exception that I wasn't able to scale it on my screen to my needs. Is Falcon the...

replies: 3 views: 553
Avatar for throbert
throbert 18th March 2017
Avatar for smccarthy945

I just want to post and let everyone know if you are considering a new laptop or workstation, make sure you have a USB C port....

replies: 12 views: 1,729
Avatar for JCBigler
JCBigler 18th March 2017
Avatar for Moorland

Hello there! This is my first post on the site, been browsing Gearslutz for years but never really had the need to post a topic...

replies: 7 views: 587
Avatar for Alndln
Alndln 18th March 2017
Avatar for Jabbr

Hello dear Gearslutz, I posted this on the RME forum, but that place seems pretty slow in comparison to here! I'm having...

replies: 9 views: 900
Avatar for Jabbr
Jabbr 18th March 2017
Avatar for cporro

bought omnisphere about 3 weeks ago. but where is the forum? spectrasonics has links to non-official forums and they are all...

replies: 4 views: 716
Avatar for Arcana
Arcana 18th March 2017
Avatar for shanabit

Im looking for another Virtual option instead of the IAC bus. Im trying to lock up Cubase to Logic but Cubase won't have it...

replies: 0 views: 322
Avatar for shanabit
shanabit 18th March 2017
Avatar for mrcreed

Hi anyone used the Telefunken m80 for recording vocals ..just tried it and to me is sounds great ..prefer it to my rode nt2a...

replies: 1 views: 571
Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 18th March 2017
Avatar for MuzicZone

Hi everyone i did a faulty connection on my audient id 4 i think so i have no sound from my card anymore...

replies: 4 views: 434
Avatar for MuzicZone
MuzicZone 18th March 2017
Avatar for prophet

I just got a new laptop and used it during a gig yesterday. I have NI Guitar Rig running on it and use that as a replacement for...

replies: 0 views: 326
Avatar for prophet
prophet 18th March 2017
Avatar for Dot.

Hey guys, its been a minute since I been here, I have a question. I have both SSL Alphalink AX and MX, I've had them set up for a...

replies: 0 views: 293
Avatar for Dot.
Dot. 18th March 2017
Avatar for julianb

Hello everybody, I am looking for Zeppelin type drum samples for drum replacement and augmentation for a Hard Rock project I am...

replies: 4 views: 585
Avatar for julianb
julianb 18th March 2017
Avatar for surfvani

Hi everyone, this is my first forum post in Gearslutz. Please, forgive me if I mess up with the format or style ;) I feel very...

replies: 0 views: 480
Avatar for surfvani
surfvani 18th March 2017
Avatar for Glo

When using samples, I want to make sure that the files I am using are truly 24-bit audio and not just up-sampled 16-bit audio. I...

replies: 5 views: 562
Avatar for Glo
Glo 18th March 2017
Avatar for leemoore

I'd like to utilize my recording interface as input for skype on my Mac (El Capitan). However skype config doesn't seem to offer...

replies: 3 views: 580
Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 18th March 2017
Avatar for expanding sound

I just can't get these two to play nice. I track in Ableton, and used to use the SSL for out of box mixing with the M Audio...

expanding sound
replies: 4 views: 425
Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 17th March 2017
Avatar for BenLoftis

Mixbus's new Tempo Mapping feature allows you to move the musical timeline to match a "live" performance's timing. This...

replies: 1 views: 367
Avatar for brucerothwell
brucerothwell 17th March 2017
Avatar for bevinyl

Hi All First post ever. I need someone more experienced’s help. My query is about the improved Tape Delay in Logic Pro X...

replies: 0 views: 394
Avatar for bevinyl
bevinyl 17th March 2017
Avatar for HSi

Has anyone else tried this out? I did a search and couldn't find a topic in this forum on it. Reverb plug ins are getting better...

replies: 1 views: 507
Avatar for xmission
xmission 17th March 2017
Avatar for themactech

Hi Everyone I just picked up Izotope's Neutron mainly for it's Intelligent mixing features the fact that I love Ozone 7....

replies: 25 views: 7,390
Avatar for MattHines
MattHines 17th March 2017
Avatar for b0se

Yo! rockout Rather having to reinstall my DAW and all the plugins/licenses and whatnot, is there a simple program that can be...

replies: 2 views: 350
Avatar for b0se
b0se 17th March 2017
Avatar for jnorman

i am looking for a good low-pass and high-pass plugin (VST). i tried brainworx cleansweep, but when i extracted the zip file,...

replies: 68 views: 22,386
Avatar for qwe
qwe 17th March 2017
Avatar for Rentzen

Hi there, I've been using Ableton for many years now and I like it for all the obvious strengths that it has. Before that I was...

replies: 10 views: 755
Avatar for HSi
HSi 17th March 2017
Avatar for neuro

I'm trying to figure out if it's 0k to add a 3rd monitor to my computer set-up. My graphic card is an Ati Firepro 3700 (256Mb)...

replies: 4 views: 401
Avatar for neuro
neuro 17th March 2017
Avatar for Jimmy Makhaisingh

Hi guys, Got this excellent offer for a Apogee Symphonie MKii TB 16x16, somewhere 20% off. Wondering what the difference...

Jimmy Makhaisingh
replies: 21 views: 4,770
Avatar for Ragan
Ragan 17th March 2017


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