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with the intention of having a source to know what hardware is good for our new Windows 7 studio pc (both 32 and 64bits), getting...

George Necola
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musicstation.xs 58 minutes ago
Avatar for MattyJoe

Hey guys. I know it’s super early, but I’ve seen lots of people out there installing the Big Sur Developer Beta. Wanted a...

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MattyJoe 4 days ago
Avatar for TAFKAT

Hey All, I am sure all of us have seen posts over the years where end users have purchased a new audio interface and have...

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soupiraille 1 week ago
Avatar for George Necola

Because of posted recomendations for illegal software, cracks and some very unfriendly replies, I will post some rules here: 1....

George Necola
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Avatar for George Necola
George Necola 13th September 2005
Avatar for ultra171

I was thinking of buying an used RME Multiface (the first version) for 300€.. this is my first "pro" interface and...

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Avatar for Baltimore
Baltimore 9 minutes ago
Avatar for ArisA

Hi all, i somehow missed that thread...Ok, i give it a try, just bought Nebula 3 Pro, and i would like to get now the essential...

replies: 11,064 views: 1,081,351
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sound_of_ours 16 minutes ago
Avatar for jfjer

i just tough`t we could have a place where we could discuss every aqua plugins and make it more easy to stay on topic :) and...

replies: 25,532 views: 2,487,337
Avatar for RJHollins
RJHollins 21 minutes ago
Avatar for SEA

Who Uses Plugin Alliance? How to they compare to Wave, FabFilter, Softube, Sound Toys, UAD etc. If so, what's your favorite...

replies: 11,657 views: 899,975
Avatar for StarfishMusic
StarfishMusic 31 minutes ago
Avatar for llanea

Hey guys, I wanna know what pultec EQ you mostly use for mixing low-end, or vocals. Please let me know your reason why you...

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Avatar for llanea
llanea 57 minutes ago
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, There seems to be masses of Waves plugins for sale all the time and I'm curious to know if any of them are particularly...

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Avatar for Fleer
Fleer 1 hour ago
Avatar for strojo

Shall we start the new Ryzen 5000 series thread now that it's been announced?

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Avatar for Kyle P. Gushue
Kyle P. Gushue 1 hour ago
Avatar for lunecha

hello ! can i use this interface with my adat focusrite octopre mkll dynamic...

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Avatar for lunecha
lunecha 1 hour ago
Avatar for Pchicago

Wondering if any of you have received your new, long awaited, Covid delayed and otherwise-- Apogee Symphony Desktop yet? Im...

replies: 6 views: 305
Avatar for slotools
slotools 1 hour ago
Avatar for HudsonBrownies

I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m so lost on what to do. I just received my Apollo solo today and I’ve been...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 1 hour ago
Avatar for trock

Not sure if this was posted but I was literally going today to spec out a new 27 inch one to replace my 2014 model and BAM! there...

replies: 327 views: 18,479
Avatar for padillac
padillac 3 hours ago
Avatar for kite

Hi, How to roll back to the previous major update in Windows 10? The latest update 1904 has plenty of problems with USB...

replies: 4 views: 210
Avatar for kite
kite 3 hours ago
Avatar for The Press Desk

Waves Audio Introduces V12, the New Version of Waves Plugins, Featuring Plugin Resizing and More Exciting New Features ...

The Press Desk
replies: 103 views: 6,078
Avatar for Sleazy_Rider
Sleazy_Rider 4 hours ago
Avatar for CrackheadBill

Does anyone know of a way to simulate the sound of a crappy bedroom or living room? I want something to sound like I'm playing...

replies: 13 views: 344
Avatar for DirkP
DirkP 4 hours ago
Avatar for StefanLL1991

I just recently purchased AudioLayer on my iPad. It works really great with how I am able to put each note into each key. But...

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Avatar for StefanLL1991
StefanLL1991 4 hours ago
Avatar for bluesmonk

Even using my Shure SMB7 on my voice, singing a few inches away, I have some sibilance on my voice. I'm pretty sure that mic is...

replies: 35 views: 2,996
Avatar for zvukofor
zvukofor 5 hours ago
Avatar for Poopypants

Hi there, Computerslutz, I've got a weird one. I have a drive that my Mac doesn't like. It keeps connecting and disconnecting...

replies: 2 views: 101
Avatar for Poopypants
Poopypants 5 hours ago
Avatar for absrec

Mac Mini 2018 i7 64GB RAM OS 10.14 Mojave / OS 10.15 Catalina ProTools 2019 / 2020 iLok3 for authorizations Running latest...

replies: 6 views: 446
Avatar for absrec
absrec 5 hours ago
Avatar for fairchildren

The upgrade pricing is such a joke at this point. I want to upgrade from 11, but I'm not seeing any reasonably affordable...

replies: 169 views: 7,633
Avatar for Faint Brouhaha
Faint Brouhaha 5 hours ago
Avatar for SEB

This thread is for those who have installed it and tested it. For installation problems please head on to another ST Tape thread...

replies: 175 views: 57,777
Avatar for electro
electro 7 hours ago
Avatar for mizzle

I have a shortcut folder on my PC (Windows10) desktop that points to my "Public" folder on my Mac laptop. It has been...

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Avatar for mizzle
mizzle 7 hours ago
Avatar for George Necola

as Windows 10 is rolling out since yesterday (depending on the timezone you are in) we want feedback. seems to be a registry...

George Necola
replies: 7,883 views: 640,772
Avatar for Psychlist1972
Psychlist1972 7 hours ago
Avatar for swafford

Metric Halo 3D is here. A fresh 3D thread to discuss questions about the new interface, what will it do for you (apparently it...

replies: 3,185 views: 335,570
Avatar for dft3670
dft3670 8 hours ago
Avatar for shabbyroad

I recently installed a Phonic Firefly 808U audio interface and am using it with my Mac Mini running OS Sierra. For the first...

replies: 1 views: 1,106
Avatar for slimests
slimests 9 hours ago
Avatar for djhaystack

I currently use a Rodecaster Pro. Considering picking up an Apollo Twin USB for better quality DA and Unison preamps /...

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Avatar for djhaystack
djhaystack 10 hours ago
Avatar for OwDU7

I think it's time to bring back this discussion. A few introductory premisses (that can of course be contested cooge...) -...

replies: 857 views: 48,516
Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 10 hours ago
Avatar for ayskura

is there a real multiband limiter plugin? for what I understand plugins like L3 use the multiband just for the sidechain, but...

replies: 4 views: 318
Avatar for johannburkard
johannburkard 11 hours ago
Avatar for alligatorlizard

Trying to make a decision between two motherboards for new music PC - the Z490-P, or the more expensive Z490-A. Main reason is...

replies: 3 views: 315
Avatar for popmann
popmann 13 hours ago
Avatar for SoundSevenfold

I saw this article about a new feature of the latest W10 update and I wonder what "latency" exactly this is supposed to...

replies: 5 views: 551
Avatar for Northstar
Northstar 13 hours ago
Avatar for torpor

Hi, I want to use Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver that comes with Steinberg VST Connect...

replies: 1 views: 110
Avatar for thedberg
thedberg 15 hours ago
Avatar for HeatMan

Hey guys, I posted this to the RME forums, but I got no replies.. I hope someone will see this here. So, this question is for...

replies: 0 views: 73
Avatar for HeatMan
HeatMan 15 hours ago
Avatar for Princeton.Verb

As the title says, I am looking for some clarity regarding preamps that connect to interfaces (in my case Antelope Orion 32+ gen...

replies: 2 views: 147
Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 18 hours ago
Avatar for zigacesen1

Hi, I'm buying my first DAW and I was wondering which one I should buy. I'm more drawn to S1 but I heard it lacks some...

replies: 68 views: 9,744
Avatar for Zed999
Zed999 18 hours ago
Avatar for Mannymac

Hello all, I've googled my heart out last night. It couldn't find an answer: I'm well aware how AD/DA conversion works etc. But...

replies: 20 views: 6,126
Avatar for vjmashie
vjmashie 19 hours ago
Avatar for trakzero

Wondering if clocking an 828 mk2 to an Apogee Element via wordclock will improve its sound in a similar fashion to performing the...

replies: 2 views: 229
Avatar for trakzero
trakzero 22 hours ago
Avatar for mrseduce

Hi all. I'm just checking out the Apogee One, and was wondering whether the following configuration is possible with it: I...

replies: 0 views: 124
Avatar for mrseduce
mrseduce 22 hours ago
Avatar for kite

What is the best DAW at the moment for editing midi software and instrument/samples?

replies: 7 views: 388
Avatar for fastlanephil
fastlanephil 22 hours ago
Avatar for Rukas

iLok down for anyone else? Just failing to authorize then does then dies mid session. Super frustrating.

replies: 19 views: 415
Avatar for Piedpiper
Piedpiper 22 hours ago
Avatar for castellanos

Hi there! I am using Garritan CFX Concert Grand as my virtual instrument and I am wondering if there is a possibility to use a...

replies: 21 views: 680
Avatar for castellanos
castellanos 1 day ago
Avatar for diaolosh

Hi , I'm the owner of a Multiface 1 / HDSP 9632 and an HDSP 9652 PCI cards . These 2 have been working in separate PC's for...

replies: 8 views: 416
Avatar for diaolosh
diaolosh 1 day ago
Avatar for maostudios

Hi! I just entered the RME world by purchasing an HDSPe Aio PCIE Card. Honestly very happy. Thinking of buying a second card,...

replies: 1 views: 200
Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 1 day ago
Avatar for flx

Hi Y'all! I have an RME UFX which I recently added a couple focusrite clarett octopre's to for ADAT expansion, to get the a...

replies: 5 views: 308
Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 1 day ago
Avatar for OK1

This thread attempts to create a dedicated thread for discussing the Waves WUP. To avoid diluting the other thread that discussed...

replies: 5 views: 319
Avatar for Whitecat
Whitecat 1 day ago
Avatar for Princeton.Verb

Hey all, got an Orion last week, and while I have contacted customer support 2x they assured me that "ALL" my routing...

replies: 4 views: 161
Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 1 day ago
Avatar for TheGetDown

I've been very happy with my UCX, but I want to start summing through my mixer, so I need an interface with more outputs. ...

replies: 30 views: 3,454
Avatar for Gnarmageddon
Gnarmageddon 1 day ago
Avatar for MindMemories

Hello, Not very long ago the new AMD's Ryzen platform has been upgraded. The 3000 series is the newest among the AMD upgraded...

replies: 2,053 views: 193,354
Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 1 day ago
Avatar for lightnb

I use Linux, Reaper natively as the DAW, budget of around $3k for this setup. I'm looking to get an interface that has: 1....

replies: 3 views: 262
Avatar for lightnb
lightnb 1 day ago
Avatar for alligatorlizard

I’m about to invest in a new music PC – my current one is all 7200rpm HDD’s (was built over ten years ago...), so looking...

replies: 12 views: 418
Avatar for gearstudent
gearstudent 1 day ago
Avatar for 2flynn

I've just read the following on Apogee's website Duet FireWire (2007) macOS Sierra (10.12): Not Supported Ensemble...

replies: 127 views: 37,685
Avatar for kmgiants
kmgiants 1 day ago
Avatar for minimalmartin

Hi I can't find the answer i'm looking for anywhere, so i hope someone here can help me. I have a Scarlett 18i20 gen 3, and...

replies: 2 views: 241
Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 1 day ago


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