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with the intention of having a source to know what hardware is good for our new Windows 7 studio pc (both 32 and 64bits), getting...

George Necola
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Kyle P. Gushue 1 day ago
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Hey All, I am sure all of us have seen posts over the years where end users have purchased a new audio interface and have...

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To Mega Therion 3 days ago
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Because of posted recomendations for illegal software, cracks and some very unfriendly replies, I will post some rules here: 1....

George Necola
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George Necola 13th September 2005
Avatar for SEA

Who Uses Plugin Alliance? How to they compare to Wave, FabFilter, Softube, Sound Toys, UAD etc. If so, what's your favorite...

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Sleazy_Rider 2 minutes ago
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Not sure if this was posted but I was literally going today to spec out a new 27 inch one to replace my 2014 model and BAM! there...

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jayfield 6 minutes ago
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So, the "digital eq myth&fact" and some other threads inspired me to run some tests on some of my plugins. I'm...

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Mike Caffrey 22 minutes ago
Avatar for Bluemoa

Are there any programs for OsX that will route midi signals from in ports to out ports? I wanted to do a star configuration so i...

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pmilani 37 minutes ago
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Three new Thunderbolt/USB 2.0 Interfaces from MOTU. Just posted up on Sweetwater and the MOTU website. Info below taken from...

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evoltap 50 minutes ago
Avatar for kijix84

Usually when budget is relatively low, people go for a pre-built audio interface like the MOTUs, Focusrites etc. They do most...

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kijix84 57 minutes ago
Avatar for nightchef

Delays are one of the thinner parts of my plugin arsenal. I have Soundtoys Echoboy and PrimalTap (& their mini-me versions)...

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bill5 1 hour ago
Avatar for user i477533222

This is probably really simple but im yet to wrap my head around it. On some rane mixers, they have a delay effect called a...

user i477533222
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gearstudent 1 hour ago
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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Unfortunately FXPansion support is pretty much nonexistent. I recently...

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b4dg3r 1 hour ago
Avatar for bill5

Holy hell...this explosion of a million diff chips drives me batty, lol. Trying to decode the mystery of what's better and how...

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Avatar for bill5
bill5 2 hours ago
Avatar for SpookSound

My USB ports have ground loop noise when powering my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen. I currently use a hum destroyer filter box...

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Avatar for genesound
genesound 2 hours ago
Avatar for bill5

I checked my folder where I put this stuff. Over 200. mezed I need Plugins Anonymous.

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 2 hours ago
Avatar for osk

Apple plans to announce ARM transition for all Macs at WWDC...

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mininoyz 3 hours ago
Avatar for everglass

Hi folks, Looking for a great Lexicon style reverb for mixing. Does anyone have experience with both the Exponential Audio...

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Avatar for muziksculp
muziksculp 3 hours ago
Avatar for ~ufo~

I don’t know about you but I think this is a pretty interesting product for music and AV creators. Not only do you have both a...

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Avatar for ~ufo~
~ufo~ 3 hours ago
Avatar for Ted Krotkiewski

This is what I´ve been waiting for my whole life... I have been searching the market for DAW mixers/controllers for a long time...

Ted Krotkiewski
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Avatar for alibling
alibling 3 hours ago
Avatar for BMXnotFix

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. First off: PT 12.8, Win10, Focusrite Pro 40 So I've been having this bizarre issue...

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Avatar for BMXnotFix
BMXnotFix 3 hours ago
Avatar for yellow_lupine

Hello, I am planning to upgrade my current working computer (i9 6-core MacBook Pro 15") for better CPU performance and...

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Avatar for yellow_lupine
yellow_lupine 3 hours ago
Avatar for noah440

Note: I'm not interested in any kind of debate about analog vs. digital, so please don't go there because it's a non-issue for...

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Avatar for noah440
noah440 3 hours ago
Avatar for motomotomoto

Despite new compressors, eq's, saturators, and reverbs getting released every month, It's starting to get to the point where it...

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Avatar for motomotomoto
motomotomoto 3 hours ago
Avatar for ArisA

Hi all, i somehow missed that thread...Ok, i give it a try, just bought Nebula 3 Pro, and i would like to get now the essential...

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ceejay 3 hours ago
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shnootre 4 hours ago
Avatar for MattGray

Had some interesting back and fourth discussion with Acustica's lead programmer Giancarol Del Sordo on the convolution sampling...

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Avatar for RJHollins
RJHollins 5 hours ago
Avatar for BigBoyBigDoink

With VMR off: With VMR on: As you can see VMR is making my waveforms offset for...

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Avatar for claudedefaren
claudedefaren 7 hours ago
Avatar for motomotomoto

My personal choices: Fab Filter Saturn 2 AA Gold 3 Preamps or AA Taupe Wavesfactory Spectre Soundtoys Decapitator...

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Avatar for ziggysane
ziggysane 7 hours ago
Avatar for j-madd

Years ago there was an issue with Waves plugs, where if you used integrated Intel Graphics on the PC, the total number of waves...

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Avatar for j-madd
j-madd 8 hours ago
Avatar for fedora96

I've played guitar casually for years, but recently got it in my head to learn more piano and set up a basic home studio. I've...

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Avatar for fedora96
fedora96 8 hours ago
Avatar for krabbencutter

Hey everyone, I've been actively trying to build a custom soundgrid server, based on the open source files provided by Waves....

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Avatar for javila77
javila77 9 hours ago
Avatar for Patrick_

Now with the PC version available. I've been offsetting my heavy effects plugs to my slave laptop and man! This has been a...

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Avatar for Patrick_
Patrick_ 9 hours ago
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Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 9 hours ago
Avatar for andy-cytomic

Trial download links and full information: Cytomic: The Glue Beta Info Product Name: The Glue Version: 1.0 * Accurate analog...

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Avatar for andy-cytomic
andy-cytomic 10 hours ago
Avatar for andwutt

What's on your plug in drum bus?

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Avatar for Janne19691
Janne19691 11 hours ago
Avatar for Finnish

I know that 2626 is a legacy product on Windows 10, but anyone have any success stories with this combination?

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Avatar for Quetz
Quetz 12 hours ago
Avatar for Lebowski666

Hey together, first of all. I do not want to start a plugin company vs plugin company debate. Though I think it will be...

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Avatar for icebox
icebox 17 hours ago
Avatar for spankjam

Hi, Has anyone had the chance to compare both and can tell me their opinion about these interfaces?

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Avatar for kev1n28
kev1n28 19 hours ago
Avatar for readaz

Hi guys, I'm currently using a Universal Audio Apollo X6 audio interface. In terms of audio quality, I'm happy with the unit....

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Avatar for biksonije
biksonije 1 day ago
Avatar for reubenayres

I would be very grateful for your expertise and knowledge. From the UA website, I understand that the LA-2A (stereo) plugin...

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Avatar for reubenayres
reubenayres 1 day ago
Avatar for Lesha

I have replaced my graphic card recently, had an nVidia GTX 750 Ti and got a second hand AMD RX 460. It was slightly defective so...

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Avatar for Pictus
Pictus 1 day ago
Avatar for jfjer

i just tough`t we could have a place where we could discuss every aqua plugins and make it more easy to stay on topic :) and...

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Avatar for JoeyM
JoeyM 1 day ago
Avatar for OBOYO

I notice there is a slight degradation in the quality of how the file sounds overall. What's the industry standard's video...

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Avatar for JayTee4303
JayTee4303 1 day ago
Avatar for kxbooks

As per the title - I bought a desktop for production in July (on the basis of advice given here on GS) as my laptop is very old...

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Avatar for detritusdave
detritusdave 1 day ago
Avatar for Spano

I have a mother32, and I want to control it via my Apogee, Ableton, but it's not USB... my MS-20 and Minitaur work perfectly......

replies: 5 views: 355
Avatar for mookmoof
mookmoof 1 day ago
Avatar for TheGetDown

I've been very happy with my UCX, but I want to start summing through my mixer, so I need an interface with more outputs. ...

replies: 24 views: 2,413
Avatar for lgmab
lgmab 1 day ago
Avatar for hwr

Hi all, Long time BFD user here (since version 1). I thought I'd check out the free version of Slate SSD5. I'm having an...

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Avatar for hwr
hwr 1 day ago
Avatar for salomonander

Hey there, I received my new thinkpad and im not certain if i do the dpc tests correctly. I installed latencymon and ran it...

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Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 1 day ago
Avatar for donsilakis

I was wondering, what would be difference in quality in my recordings if replacing a RME UFX+ audio interface with a digital...

replies: 7 views: 381
Avatar for PeteJames
PeteJames 1 day ago
Avatar for Simonluka

Hi friends I have a problem with my Lucid 88192 (connected via adat to a Mac Pro through RME Raydat): No signal goes out from...

replies: 6 views: 234
Avatar for Simonluka
Simonluka 1 day ago
Avatar for BMXnotFix

I run a Pro 40 but I have an Echo Audiofire 12 I'd like to add as additional IO. I'm on PC, so I don't believe I can make an...

replies: 15 views: 561
Avatar for BenSW
BenSW 1 day ago
Avatar for claudedefaren

Wondering if there are any plugins that stand up to UAD's A800 in 2020? What alternatives are there?

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Avatar for BIG BUDDHA
BIG BUDDHA 1 day ago
Avatar for spacesounds

Does anyone have or know where to get the firmware flash tool mentioned in these posts: saffire mixcontrol does not work...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 1 day ago


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