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WOW! Harmony Navigator!
Old 18th December 2006
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Talking WOW! Harmony Navigator!

I was totally amazed when I found this neat little program. It works beautifully. The ease and ability to try out different chords just blew me away.

You guys should check it out. It really helps beginners learn how to get good sounding chord progressions, and it helps those who want to explore different scales and modes.

Utterly amazing. They are working on a Music Prototyping program, they are hoping for a release early 2007. It will be pricey but I'd say well worth it considering what it could do for those who are composing and suffer from writer's block.

I'm definately saving up for MPS as I'm sure it will give me a lot more ideas. I suffer from writer's block and this would be a gift from heaven!

Old 19th December 2006
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Melodyne is way better IMHO
Old 20th December 2006
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2 different beasts. This doesnt analyze the pitch of your audio. It works purely on MIDI.

I think its a pretty cool tool if your not the best musically.

Good learning tool Id say too.
Old 20th December 2006
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I can happily say this tool will help me immensely. I can't stress enough how important it is to know which chords go into which scales and keys.

I'm sure there are chord tables in every scale that I know of, but they aren't there in front of you and you can't really jam to them either.

I'm working on a program prototype that will allow you to view a chord chart for any given scale in any key, and will also allow you to jam on your keyboard, all the white keys on your keyboard will be the intervals of the scale. For example, on any keyboard if you play all the white keys you are playing all the intervals in C Major, with this program you'll be able to play like that in any scale and in any key. Chords other than the default chords for that interval (for the chosen scale and key) will be possible, as for every interval in, say, C Major, you'll be able to choose from numerous chords in that same cluster. Intuitive and easy.

A bit like ChordSpace original but more customisable and flexible and with the ability to play the notes in the scale and key on the white keys like ChordSpace Playa. ChordSpace is very good, but it only works upon the Mixolydian scale. ChordSpace Playa is nice, but if I can do something that can improve on that then I'd be on to a winner. And of course it would be useful tool for most budding musicians. I haven't borrowed any of the interface from either ChordSpace or Playa but I've definately used a similar concept. But a different interface.

The interface won't be like Playa or original ChordSpace. It will be different in many ways, even if the concept is similar. But the big attraction is that you'll be able to look at all the chords that are appropriate for that scale and key, play/hold those chords by clicking them with the mouse, and the white keys will play all the notes so you can just jam along freely like you can in Playa.

I'm still figuring out a way for the end user to utilize the black keys most efficiently. There are several things I've thought up. The first concept would be allowing the end user to assign black keys to individual chords. The second concept would be allowing the end user to assign the black keys to a certain octave (say the bass or treble octaves) and the user could play the black keys just like the white keys except playing in different octaves, so the user could play in Blues in the key of D and the black keys could be assigned to the lower bass octave, the user could play the white keys for the Blues D and the black keys could be used to develop a bass line.

One concept is to have a chord progression editor and the user can use the push buttons on his MIDI controller keyboard to move to the next chord, or to the previous chord and to cycle through the scales that the current chord would fit into by simply using three buttons - one to move to next chord, one to move to previous chord, and one to cycle through the relevant scales.

I think this approach is what I'm looking at right now, because I know that being able to save your chords into a grid-like editor would allow users to save their ideas to file and retreive them for later use.

The black keys could be assigned to chords, that way it would be easy for the user to have the chords he wants for his song assigned to the black keys (on a 4 octave keyboard it would be 20 chords). He could also choose the scale he wanted to play in for his chosen chords and assign that to the black key for the relevant chord.

It's going to be tough coding it but I know I can do it. With MIDI OX I can use the COM interface and manage a MIDI IN/OUT stream pretty easily. Obviously the user is going to have to select his or her input device (the MIDI keyboard) and the output device (which will likely be something like MIDI Yoke). The input will come through the MIDI keyboard (say an M-Audio Axiom) and the output will go through the loopback device, say MIDI Yoke. It will be easy to set up and use. I plan on making it as easy to use as I can.

If someone can beat me to the punch, then fine, I'd be more than happy to share ideas. The end result is I want more people learning and understanding music.

Old 23rd December 2006
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I have a thread where I was talking about making something like this.

It seems a useful tool to me
Old 23rd December 2006
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this is so sad.
yes, let's write songs having a computer program providing our harmony!
I just hope there will be software that writes my lyrics too....sick!!!
Old 23rd December 2006
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It doesn't simply provide your harmony. You should check out the demo.
Old 14th March 2012
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I'm reviving this VERY old thread because I'm wondering if anyone else has used it frequently to help them come up with song ideas and progressions. I was one of the very first people to buy the software and support Andre and Cognitone, but I honestly haven't used it since because I think it's INCREDIBLY HARD to use. It seems like it has all these options but I don't find hardly any of them useful except "chord only", just clicking around to see what sounds good.

I've asked Andre numerous times if he could make the program play the different chords using a midi controller instead of the mouse (it seems like it would be easy to midi-map each chord box, like Ableton's midi map mode... just click/learn)... but he's never implemented it. I think it would be fantastic.

Also, it would be great to have simple piano left-hand rhythm patterns, as are common with pop and rock piano songs. He's never done this, either. If he has, I haven't discovered how to implement it.

A wonderful idea, but such a convoluted and confusing program to "navigate", no pun intended.

Since HN2 has come out, it seems like he's trying to turn it into Synfire (which I feel is insanely overpriced for what it does).... again, a confusing program.

Just wanted to know how many of you out there have used it after buying it... used it regularly. I certainly haven't... I spent more hours just messing with the program and reading the manual and trying to understand it, than actually coming up with progressions.

Furthermore... Toontrack introduced "EZKeys" today, which could very well be the major competition to Harmony Navigator... it's a million times easier to use, too. And also doubles as a very decent piano VST.

Curious to know what all of your thoughts are... thanks!
Old 14th March 2012
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I think if your looking for more interactive chord building Id look at the mucoder freebies, mucoder audio - home , His tonespace plugin is awesome, combine it with hypercyclic and your gold. Ive also gotten into the homegrown sounds plugins, his ARP and Vortex are great as well and both feature scale squashing and arp has chording and remapping
Old 14th March 2012
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Anyone interested in this kind of SW should really check Liquid Notes.
Pretty unique and easy to use:

Old 25th June 2012
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Originally Posted by themixtape View Post
I think it's INCREDIBLY HARD to use. It seems like it has all these options but I don't find hardly any of them useful except "chord only", just clicking around to see what sounds good.

Curious to know what all of your thoughts are... thanks!
well...glad i'm not the only one stuck on chord only mode!
But in truth this is all i ever wanted and i am not actually interested in the further functions myself.....saving that for a rainy day.

I use Logic....and do not wish to sound like HN...but...
I don't think there is anything to really match Harmony navigator for me...
What i require is here....
I have been playing music all my life but am very self taught.
I am missing lots of hard work and learning.....i could not play a cover song if my life depended on it....
I know what i like and hear all sorts of things.
Harmony navigator allows me to persue this path in a kind of chaotic and liberated way...and shows me what i have found in a very clear way...allowing me to capture it and import it into logic effortlessly.
i will try others...but HN has set a very high bench mark.
These guys are complete boffins basically!
Old 25th June 2012
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whoa. that's crazy.
Originally Posted by DSK View Post
Anyone interested in this kind of SW should really check Liquid Notes.
Pretty unique and easy to use:

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