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ersheff 12th June 2013 05:16 PM

Reason 7 audio editing
Hi, folks.
I am purchasing a new laptop soon and may go with a new DAW at the same time.
Though I'm a longtime Logic user, I've been very impressed by Reason's sounds (Logic's are fine and certainly powerful, but Reason's synths and effects sound better and seem easier to use to me). At the same time, I've been very turned off by the glitches and bugs I've come across in Logic 9 over the last couple of year.
My one concern is the audio editing in Reason 7. I don't really use the audio quantize and/or flex stuff in Logic, but I do a lot of sound design in the sample editor (pitch shifting and time-stretching and reversing, etc). Although I have downloaded the demo for Reason, it's hard to really tackle a project and dig in knowing that my work won't be saved unless I purchase the full version.
How is the audio editing in Reason 7? Can you do Logic sample editor type stuff?

Llitsor 12th June 2013 08:08 PM

I'd suggest checking into the demo some more.. It's fully featured, including save. The gotcha is... You can't open your saved projects in the demo.

Reason 7 and Logic 9 are the only 2 DAW's I use. Logic is a great engineers tool (in my opinion). But I find Reason is the better tool for composing.
I don't know what specific editing features you need, but Reason certainly has the essentials.

Logic & Reason work very well together too. Even if not rewired, I often export chunks out of Reason for further work in Logic.
I don't feel wanting for anything with those 2..

As a side note, Reason has always been rock solid stable, and Reason 7 is no different in that regard fortunately. But it's not as CPU efficient as Logic..
Although i've run both on 2 completely different Macs and the performance difference appears to be somewhat CPU specific, so your mileage may vary.