Help me pick: MOTU 896 or 896HD ?
Old 31st August 2006
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Help me pick: MOTU 896 or 896HD ?

Looking to get a interface for my new system (G5 quad, Logic Pro 7.2), thinking the origional MOTU 896 is fine for my need , I will record at the lower 44.1 and 48 bandwidths, etc. and just use the digital in mostly from a UA 2192 D/A for audio and clock. But I was informed today the origional 896 isnt compatible with MOTU Cue mix program any longer. So.... I am considering a 896HD now, but am hoping it will sonically be the same as the 896mk1 at the lower bandwidths. The difference in price used is about $100, but that can go towards something else if possible. Any opinions ?
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