Akai Synthstation 49 power supply issue
Old 14th April 2013
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Akai Synthstation 49 power supply issue

I wonder if anyone can help me. I recently bought an Akai Synthstation 49 but it was missing its power supply which is 6V 3A. I phoned up the music store where I bought it and they apologised and told me they will send me the power supply. Anyway while waiting for my power supply to appear I have been using a power supply that I used for my external hard drive which was set at 6V 2.3A. I plugged it into my Akai Synthstation 49 and it worked well while charging my iPad at the same time. However. this afternoon I noticed that the power supply has stopped working. I tried another power supply I had and set it to 6V 300mA (the 300mA is fixed so I couldn't set it to 3A) and my Synthstation 49 started working again. However it doesn't seem to charge my iPad now even though it works and switches on. Have I damaged the PSU board on my Synthstation or is it a problem with the power supply I am using? Please advise
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