Audio Interface Recommendations Compatible With Windows 8???
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Audio Interface Recommendations Compatible With Windows 8???

Hi guys and gals,

I had been looking at the M-Audio Fast Track C600 AI for my new laptop, but turns out they are not producing drivers at present that will make it compatible with Windows 8. Turns out Avid have been brought out by another company and this line (as well as several others) were not acquired. Shame, cos spec wise it is a match made in heaven for me.

Does anyone have any recommendations on current USB AI's that are approved by manufacturer to be Windows 8 compatible?

Ideally the same spec as the C600, and same budget (£200-£250). If you aren't aware of the spec, to summarise it has 4 analogue mic/line inputs, midi in/out, 2 headphone outputs, and 6 outputs.

I'm finding it tough to find something I can guarantee will work with W8, but has all the features of the C600 in that price range. I'm hoping some of you can help

Cheers in advance
Old 23rd February 2013
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The echo audiofire line drivers have been updated for w8.
They worked very well with w7 drivers though and i suspect this is the same for many interfaces.

I use the AF8 and AF12, but they are firewire.
If that's not a problem you could buy this one Firewire audio recording interface 6 IN 6 OUT | Echo Digital Audio
For usb they have tihs one: USB audio recording interface and personal mixer for live performance | Echo Digital Audio
I can't tell you if these are good, but Echo is generally good quality.
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