External Hard Drive Confusion!
Old 30th December 2012
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External Hard Drive Confusion!

I'm kinda leaning towards getting several external HD's to put the GB heavy libraries, etc on them. I've read that it saves a load on your internal HD from working too hard, etc. Wouldn't it still work hard cause it still has to find it? Or is it because the internal won't have to scan through every file and other non-related software? Can someone reassure me a bit here, thanks.
Old 30th December 2012
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The biggest improvement that comes from a second HD on any system is a reduction of HD seek times. If the operating system and the audio files are on the same drive, the read/write heads on the drives are constantly moving between different parts of the drive platters. If the audio files are on a seperate hd the read/write heads wouldn't be moved out of position by other OS house keeping tasks.

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