cubase 5 (original) error question
Old 20th November 2012
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cubase 5 (original) error question

i bought cubase 5 original cd+dongle
i start to work on the daw and after few hours the cubase shut out herself and gave me this error massege

anybody know what this is mean or why does it happens...
im working on macbookpro i7 and he is preety new and empty
Old 20th November 2012
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somebody ???
Old 20th November 2012
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I'm no Mac expert so my ability to help is limited.

You're running an x86 build of Cubase, were you attempting to use a lot of RAM? If so that would cause a crash..

Is something triggering the crash? A certain plug-in or project? Keep working until you crash a few more times.. only then will you be able to start to track down the potential causes of this problem.

Gather some more info and post it here.. I'm sure someone can help you!

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