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Zoolook 15th November 2013 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by garycactus (Post 9591037)
Spitfire Audio's Hans Zimmer percussion is nothing to do with Hans Zimmer. They just using his name to sell their newly recorded drums.

Hans never used those drums/percussions in his work, so the name "Hans Zimmer percussion" is a very misleading.

What are you talking about? Of course he's never used it, it hasn't even been released. He directed much of its creation though.



Spitfire Audio are delighted and honoured to present a series of products produced by Hans Zimmer and his diamond class team of grammy winning engineers, musicians and technicians. Where Hans Zimmer's style approach to sonic creation is often copied or emulated we're proud to present to the world at large HZ's definitive take on his trailblazing approach to cinematic percussion production. Herein lies not an emulation or synthesis of his approach, but a recreation. The same studio, musicians, instruments, signal chain and talented engineers, sitting alongside a decade of experience, innovation and refinement overseen in every detail by Hans himself. The same excrutiating attention to detail, perfection but most importantly the endless choice for tweakability and customisation you'd expect of the greatest of sound-smiths.
They wouldn't use his name like this, and he wouldn't allow it, if it was "nothing to do with him".

What a strange post...

Michael Khan 15th November 2013 01:31 AM

nobody mentioned east west?

Mike Connelly 15th November 2013 04:33 PM

They don't make Kontakt libraries any more.

Michael Khan 15th November 2013 11:05 PM

lol oh yeah.. :facepalm:

anybody know of any lesser known kontakt libraries with amazing sounds?

and i'm excited about Han's Percussion libraries.. I wonder when the audio demo's will be uploaded.. it might just be a game changer... well at least for me it will be.

Michael Khan 15th November 2013 11:17 PM

please, don't be a trolla, i'm waitin on an email from tommy mottola

Mike Connelly 15th November 2013 11:56 PM

Did you not see my post?

Michael Khan 16th November 2013 12:11 AM

ha im just messin with you playa(s)! and nah I did, i just forgot east west had their own seperate engine, doe.

Michael Khan 16th November 2013 12:57 AM

that's cool. I finally bought an XV-5080 a year ago and I'm using it every so often. Do you have any SRX cards in it? I was thinking about getting the complete orchestra exp just so I can have a reliable place to look for certain sounds. Are you one of the guys who's controlling the module through your computer? I've been trying to figure that out with midiquest or something like that...

victorm_cm 1st July 2014 01:10 PM

I Recent purchase DSK HQ Instruments, and I'm very impressed about quality and price!

446 instruments for only $25, most of them with velocity layers (guitars and sax sounds very realistic):

HQ Instruments – Free VST plugins : DSK Music

Include all kind of sounds:
  • Bass (acoustic, synth…)
  • Classic Grand Piano
  • Drum Machines
  • Electric Piano
  • GM Drum Kits
  • Guitars (nylon, acoustic & steel)
  • Orchestra (winds, brass, strings…)
  • Organs
  • Pads
  • Saxophones
  • Synth Sounds
  • Synth Sounds – Analog
  • World Instruments (Japan, India…)

brockorama 1st July 2014 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by Michael Khan (Post 9595064)
lol oh yeah.. :facepalm:

anybody know of any lesser known kontakt libraries with amazing sounds?

Tons of great Akai and gigasampler discs out there. I find Kontakt conversion more than adequate to breathe new life into some great old sounds. kfhkh

mpr 4th September 2014 04:17 AM

Any newer Kontakt libraries that you guys recommend?

Always looking for pianos...

kaboom75 4th September 2014 06:22 AM

Piano Galaxies The Giant
Electric Guitar Vir2 Electri6ity

Both of these can be used with the free Kotakt player. I use Amplitube with Electri6ity.

kaboom75 5th September 2014 07:08 AM

This has got to be my next sampled instrument only just found out about it.

Woody Aki 5th September 2014 04:09 PM

How come no-one mentioned Synthmagic?

Zoolook 5th September 2014 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by mpr3 (Post 10388561)
Any newer Kontakt libraries that you guys recommend?

Always looking for pianos...

I just got this - blows my mind.

hyper.real 5th September 2014 09:54 PM

Indiginus Solid State Symphony is so much fun just to noodle about with, it could be made illegal soon.

Ozgur kusak 3rd November 2014 02:58 AM

For modern ethnic/world kontakt instruments this is worth checking out,

EthnoCinematic Vibe | RAST SOUND

acealive 19th December 2014 09:47 AM

my favourite libraries for Kontakt are from Hollow Sun

Nebulae II
Fs1R Collection
Hammond Novachord
String Synths...

that kind of stuff