Using a second PC as a host for Reason...
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Smile Using a second PC as a host for Reason...

Recently, I have made the decision to start bringing home some work (mostly composing and recording) and am about to purchase some new gear to help me.
Starting with a brand new Pentium 3, 2 Ghz processor, plenty of ram and a nice big harddrive, I was wondering if the dusty old PC I already own is redundant in this new rig?
I had read an article in AudioTechnology magazine some time ago, which rumoured that I would be able to use this old PC as a host for programs such as Reason, and have it connected to my new PC via SPDIF.
If I do set this up, I am just wondering if I will be wasting my see, the older PC is only a 1.39 Ghz processor with 128 RAM... which leads me to believe that it may actually not benefit me in the way I was hoping.

Does anyone have any experience in hooking up two PC's in this way?

Thanks for your help,
Old 5th July 2006
Gear maniac

i have a laptop set up w/ gigasampler, reason, and kontakt2. I use it like a workstation and come out of it multichannel w/ a MOTU into the board
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