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usb hub ?

Does anybody has any problems when using a usb hub for a music computer(windows 7)
if you connect a usb soundcard on a hub do you get extra latency ?
ot what about midi controller on a hub ?
or dongles ?any problems when connecting them ?

C' mon slutz share your experience ...!!
Old 26th May 2012
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No dongle problems
No midi controller problems
Latency I shouldn't think so

The only problems I've heard of are something to do with too many MIDI devices (i.e you end up with a load of messages essentially all going down one cable and things can get messy) - I think that's right anyway. As well as too much power. USB powers devices and often they wont need a plug because of this. Put too many high power things in one hub however and you are trying to power too much off of one usb port (that the hub is connected to). A powered hub can solve this.
Old 26th May 2012
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My unpowered hub has 3 midi controllers, ilok, mouse, and some usb sticks. No issues.
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