multiple dacs at different sample rates?
Old 29th April 2012
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multiple dacs at different sample rates?

I'm thinking the answer to this is "not possible" but maybe it would work, so -

Is it possible to record with multiple dacs at different sample rates simultaneously?

Specifically, I'm considering adding a ADA8000 for some inexpensive i/o and running it's adat into a Motu mk3. The Motu card and daw I'm usually running at 96k, while the ADA8000 only goes for 48k. Would that blow something up or would the ADA8000 tracks just be at a lower resolution but otherwise fine?
Old 29th April 2012
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On the same computer running one DAW that's not possible.

We had 2 threads running not long ago, and no one really had a definitive answer how to do it even with 2 seperate setups (because digital synching is always tied to SR).
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