Digi002 fader firmware problem
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Digi002 fader firmware problem

Hello all
I recently purchased a digi002 mixer with faders that didn't work. Being that I knew this was a common and fixable issue I took a chance and have ran into a bit of difficulty. The faders don't work at all, testing does nothing but show the numbers moving around on the scribble screen. At first I thought it may just be a harness issue, and it may still be, but the firmware version on the faders reads x.xx

Problem is I run 8.0.5 le on windows 7 64 bit and cant figure out how to get the fader firmware to update. all the other firmware in the console is current but im lost here.

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Hey Mike,

Here's a link for what I believe is the most recent fader firmware for the 002, update version V105a. It's in the fourth section of the page. There are also instructions in the next column for installing the firmware. Let me know how it goes!
Digi 002

-Also Mike

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Thanks mike, but the problem with that is I can't seem to figure out a way to get that driver to work with windows 7 or with protools 8.0.5.
Anyone have any ideas?
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