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Elemental Audio acquired by Roger Nichols...
Old 21st May 2006
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Originally Posted by RoundBadge
I absolutely agree.
Software bites- especially when this sort of thing happens.

Question- how much have you spent on plugins over the years?
Me - I'm at around $8000.
That is a few good compressors and EQ's.

Old 21st May 2006
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Originally Posted by Albert
No mention of IntelMac updates on Roger Nichols site, and I shudder to think of waht the upgrade cost would be. Plus having to iLok them. Who knows if an upgrade path will even be offered to EA customers. Ugh.
i want to buy a macintel and firium is my favorite eq.
what a nightmare
Old 21st May 2006
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guys, the plugs still SOUND the same. Isn't that what REALLY matters?
Old 21st May 2006
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And my beloved Inspector plugins are away!

Roger this one is for you

...and this especially for the new pricing!

...and this especially for the stoopid names!

...and this especially for the quit of Inspector!
Old 21st May 2006
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feyshay's Avatar

I think the issue is whether or not redownloads and updates will be supported.
I already have the plug-ins. I haven't spent that much over the years on plug-ins. I considered the Elemental Audio plug-ins to be a very good value. I wouldn't spend $350-$400 on any plug-in.
Old 21st May 2006
While I can agree with the unpoplular RN pricing and changes; I'm also a little disturbed at EA. They recently sent out an email to existing customers with a great offer for being a current client, which I thought was really great. But couldn't they have at least informed us, the customer base as future of EA products or perhaps taken a consensus to see if there were any optional ways to stay boutique.

Hell, if EA said look, we can't exist with this price structure, and need to up the price a bit in the future, I'd be more for that than have RN bastardize the look/feel and wow...the price.

I must admit though, that Equim is "one of the best EQs" I've used in the box.

Double binds suck!
Old 21st May 2006
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I agree. I got the same letter and jokingly told them I already had "all" their plugs so get busy and write some new ones.

Here is their reply:


Thank you for writing. When we created this offer we did realize that some of our customers would not be able to take advantage of it because they already owned all of our plug-ins. Since we decided to make the offer available, we have been trying to determine how best to reward those customers. We haven't yet decided what reward we will offer, but we will offer some reward at a later time. We do appreciate your support and your continued interest.

Sales & Customer Service
Elemental Audio Systems

So I guess my reward is having Roger Nichols name plastered all over the plugs with goofy names. Ohhhh... and a really nice iLok feature.

I think (not that it will do any good) is let EA know what we think.

[email protected]

And since EA has always asked for feedback here are some name suggestions for the new RN line.

Old 21st May 2006
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streetbeats's Avatar

wheres inspector/xl gone then?!?!
Old 21st May 2006
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Albert's Avatar

I don't blame EA for not letting us know that there was a potential deal in the works. Even if the deal was in progress, they wouldn't have known for sure if it was going to finalize until Roger put his signature on paper and paid the money. Also, it would have been bad business for them to "warn" customers about a potential buyout, as if there was a rush to beat the deadline they would have basically been stealing potential sales from the new owner.

I really don't see anything wrong in what EA did. Except that I am dissapointed that they sold, as I liked the plugins and them. I don't blame them for taking the cash though.

What I want to know is if the EA people will be creating more plugins on their own under a different name, and where to find them.
Old 21st May 2006
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TinderArts's Avatar

The EA folks probablyhavesomenon-compete clause in the sales contract.

Come on Roger, retire already. I'll even get you a watch.
Old 21st May 2006
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max cooper's Avatar

Originally Posted by noiseflaw
Oh My God! That is a Masive massive massive Shock, I loved that company - jeez I am gonna have to find a new one.

Not a Chance in hell am I gonna pay for plugs that look so sh*te and cost twice as much! are you kidding - I actually cannot beleive that, whoa what a bummer. I am still in shock, what a Tw*t that guy is.

Yeah, I was gonna but Firium just today, but def. not now. Funny how the whole Elemental 'vibe' has been lost; nice website, nice prices, etc.

I own Inspector XL, Finis and Equim and I guess they'll stay with me when I get to PTLE 7 but probably not much longer than that.
Old 21st May 2006
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slaves666's Avatar
I am sure that they are all reading the backlash here in the forums. If that doesn't make them take notice, maybe the lack of sales will.

I'll still be happy with my "old" versions. By the time I need to upgrade, I'll have moved on to something else. URS anyone?
Old 21st May 2006
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It's a huge kick in the nuts that these plugs never made it to Universal Binaries. However, according to the message on their website, registered users will be receiving 1 last maintenence update. If they're lucky - maybe this last update is for UB's.

It's also kinda weird that just last week I downloaded the updated free Inspector plugs which were updated around 4/10/2006.
Old 21st May 2006
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jacko's Avatar
If there is no Universal Binary update of Inspector I will be very angry...
During next month I'm switching to MacBook.
Old 21st May 2006
toolskid's Avatar

FARRRK - wat a bummer, one of my favourite plug-in companies!!! GONE!! RIP!
Old 21st May 2006
no ssl yet
Maybe it was their plan from day one to price competively, have great products, and be bought out at a profit that made up for their low margins.

Perhaps Roger has to price it as high as he has to make up for the price he had to pay to aquire the rights.

I think a better technique would have been to come up with real plugin names along with releasing some other unique GREAT plugins at the same time he took over the EA plugs.

On one hand we would hate the move, but on the other we'd be talking about the great new plugs. Which would keep the buzz alive. The way that he has done it, all we have are bad comments with the road he has chosen to take.
Old 21st May 2006
Just got this in my email from EAS:

Elemental Audio has entered into a partnership with Roger Nichols Digital, Inc., the software company founded by seven (7) time Grammy winning engineer/producer Roger Nichols. All Elemental Audio products are now exclusively licensed and distributed by Roger Nichols Digital. This is an exciting transition for each of us at Elemental Audio. We believe that our software development abilities combined with the engineering and production expertise of Roger Nichols makes for a very promising relationship.

It was important to us that our customers be treated as fairly as possible in this change. We are writing this message to help you fully understand the implications and to let you know what you can expect in the future. We hope that this information will help to alleviate any concerns or misgivings you might have had about this transition.

As of May 19, 2006, Elemental Audio products are no longer available for purchase. All Elemental Audio products will, however, be continued in some form under the Roger Nichols Digital name. Every Elemental Audio product may not be immediately available, but each will be available as a Roger Nichols Digital equivalent in the near future.

We will continue to provide technical support and customer service to all of our current customers for the foreseeable future. You may still access the Support area of our web site at < > to view the Knowledgebase, contact us, access your downloads, submit email address changes, etc.

We will provide at least one additional update to each commercial Elemental Audio product. This update will add Mac-Intel support and may incorporate bug fixes and other minor changes. Updates will be to the Elemental Audio products with which you are familiar; these updates will not require a move to the Roger Nichols Digital equivalents. There will be no charge associated with these updates. As usual, you will be notified by email when the updates become available.

You should be aware of some of the primary differences between Elemental Audio branded products and the Roger Nichols Digital (RND) equivalents. First, RND products are to be available as boxed versions with printed documentation (in addition to being immediately downloadable). Second, RND products will be distributed by a network of independent dealers and distributers as well as being sold/distributed by RND itself. Third, RND products all utilize an iLok for copy protection.

There will be a difference in the prices of Elemental Audio products and the equivalents distributed by Roger Nichols Digital. While Elemental Audio does not control the pricing of Roger Nichols Digital products, we have made an effort to ensure that the cost to you associated with this change is as small as possible as described in the FUTURE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT section.

As you may be aware, there was a significant amount of pirating of Elemental Audio products. To reduce the incidence of piracy, Roger Nichols Digital branded products are protected by iLok; authorizations may be placed on an existing iLok - a separate iLok is not required. We have received many requests to add support for iLok copy protection over the years, so many customers should be pleased by this change. Note that Elemental Audio branded products will not be changed to use iLok for copy protection. When you receive your planned update(s) the standard Elemental Audio copy protection will still be in place.

Elemental Audio products will not be developed in the future beyond the planned updates mentioned previously. Thus, you will need to move to the Roger Nichols Digital equivalents to benefit from future product enhancements. We all wanted to make it easy for you to continue with the Roger Nichols Digital equivalent(s) of your Elemental Audio products, so you can benefit from future updates and changes. At some point in the not-too-distant future, you will be given the opportunity to move to the RND branded equivalent of your purchased Elemental Audio product(s). You will not be expected to pay the full price to continue on with the products you have purchased, however, there will be a nominal charge (e.g. $20 or so) associated with this move, sufficient to cover the cost of the boxed version/printed documentation, etc. We will send you more information about moving to the RND equivalents once all details have been finalized.

Elemental Audio will continue to exist as a separate entity and will, for the foreseeable future, continue to develop audio related products. Like existing Elemental Audio products, future products developed by Elemental Audio will be distributed by Roger Nichols Digital.

Please be advised that last month's Customer Appreciation special was conceived of and put in place based purely on customer request/feedback and prior to any relationship between Elemental Audio and Roger Nichols Digital. Though ill-timed, the special was not in response to any anticipated change. We regret any confusion the timing of these events may have caused.

It is a pleasure producing software for you and we appreciate the support you have given us. We trust that you will give us your support now as you have in the past - we'd certainly like to have you with us as we make this transition. We hope that, like us, you see this move as a step in a positive direction. Roger Nichols Digital (RND) products have much to offer. In addition to the software itself, they will have the benefit of the experience of an accomplished engineer and producer, which should result in improved usability for you. The products will include printed documentation as well as presets developed by Roger Nichols, both areas where Elemental Audio products could have stood to improve (based on feedback we have received). And these are just a few of the benefits to you of the Roger Nichols Digital and Elemental Audio relationship.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Note that our response may be delayed due to a high volume of email. If the volume of mail we receive in response to this news is very high, we may elect not to respond to messages that do not request or actually require a response. In any case, we do read every message we receive, so you can be assured that your thoughts will be considered whether you receive a personal response or not. If you do not receive a personal response but would like one, please feel free to write back to us to request one.

Thanks, again!

Very Sincerely,
The Elemental Audio Team
Old 21st May 2006
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Well, that seems about as fair as could possibly be asked for. I say let's wait and see how this turns out. I'm certainly glad that the EA plugin users will get a UB version, and that EA will be coming out with new plugins as well. Although I expect those will be at RND prices.
Old 21st May 2006
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yes, that was a good email from EA...

glad there will be a free UB upgrade!
Old 21st May 2006
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Okay, so the people at Elemental Audio still have their heads screwed on straight, and needed money.

But I get this nagging feeling that Roger Nichols, while I'm sure he's a nice guy, may have a slightly egomaniacal side.

Why, Roger, do you feel the need to put your own stupid names on these plugins?
Old 21st May 2006
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Originally Posted by jdunn
Okay, so the people at Elemental Audio still have their heads screwed on straight?
obviously Roger Nichols does not
Old 21st May 2006
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Personally, I would refrain from kicking Nichols into the ground until you get all the facts. The EA letter was a step in the right direction. For the moment, I'm withholding any judgement....
Old 22nd May 2006
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but guys, iLok rocks!!! stike stike stike just having THAT is worth the new price of admission!
Old 22nd May 2006
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It seems like the facts are:

1. Roger Nichols acquired Elemental Audio

2. Raised the price to $349 for the same product

3. Put an Ilok on it

It's a free economy but it just doesn't make business sense to take a product put a new name on it and sell it for alot more. I think this would have been much better recieved if Roger would have left the current plugs alone and brought something new to the table. Roger may be a nice guy but you don't have to know too much more than the above listed. If these things sell great and he develops more plugs and they do well then he did the right thing. But based on his previous plugs, and this deal I think the business plan lacks a bit of focus and perspective on the market. However, like I said I could be wrong.
Old 22nd May 2006
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Originally Posted by GSF
Personally, I would refrain from kicking Nichols into the ground until you get all the facts. The EA letter was a step in the right direction. For the moment, I'm withholding any judgement....
I appreciate the high road you are taking GSF but personally it's hard for me to withhold judgement when I just shelled out almost 4 bills on plugs. On the one hand I am absolutely thrilled I got mine before the price per barrel went up but on the other hand I looked forward to many years (and operating systems) of use from these plugs.

In hindsight I guess they were very reasonable but that doesn't mean they were cheap. Being a hobbyist I busted my buns and made some sacrifices to get them.

Now that they have the RN name on them they are worth 4 times what they were last week?

What really bites is that the new prices and goofy-izer names and iLok system is only going to guarantee the pirating of original EA plugs.

I believe in free enterprise. It's one thing to buy out a company, make improvements, ease the price up accordingly. Let people see what you're made of and then charge them for a better product. But the first impressions of the RN takeover don't even resemble an honorable endeavor. I don't consider a logo and name change and copy protection improvements that warrant a 400% overnight price increase.

Which is probably why every music forum on the net is buzzing about this and EA coincidentally came out today with an "explanation" letter.

RN may be a super guy, good at what he does and may have won grammies but I'm guessing he didn't do it using these plug-ins.
Old 22nd May 2006
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all i have to say is:

Cmon was this really necessary
Really, the price is insane
Already, people are getting mad
Certainly they must be joking
Kills me to pay that much

I know i will not be buying those
To hell with that crap
Old 22nd May 2006
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ArcCirDude's Avatar

I own all EA plugins and was surprised, as well. I went to RND (WTF??? Roger Nichols Digital, Rupert Neve Designs, Really Nice De-esser.... wait, there is no Really Nice de-esser... But you get my point..) Anyway, the prices I saw there were $249 per plugin, not the $349 mentioned here. I guess he's been getting some feedback... Roger is, as stated here earlier, a really nice guy. Or RNG for you acronymists.
Old 22nd May 2006
ARGH such bad news!

What about all of us Inspector 7 & Inspector XL fiends??

Hope that these plugs resurface at some point either from the original developers under a new name or the concept re-developed by someone else (steven massey?).
Old 22nd May 2006
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i don't use them - anyone want to buy them? $400

Elemental Audio Firium
Elemental Audio Neodynium
Elemental Audio Eqium
Elemental Audio Finis

cel. 630-290-6025
Michael Droste
PO Box 1025
Streamwood IL 60107-1025
Old 22nd May 2006
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copperx's Avatar

Wii let's boycott RND
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