iPhone 4S with 16GB for making music
Old 22nd December 2011
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iPhone 4S with 16GB for making music

Hello mates,

I can get iPhone 4S 16GB for a decent prince.
From your experience, is 16GB gonna be enough for lots of music/synths applications, recording audio etc... and general use as well?

Thank you very much!
Old 22nd December 2011
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It works alright for me. If you have lots of iTunes music the 16GB quickly goes.
Old 22nd December 2011
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I have a 32gig one and still have more than 10gb space left. I have lots of games, different type of apps, music stuff and so on. All my music on my phone is in ALAC and still have the space for more. I was considering the 64gb but i'm glad i took the smaller one cause that would be an overkill. Don't know about your music/video needs but if it's just for music apps i would say 16 will be enough.
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