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woeischris 25th October 2011 07:11 AM

Apogee Duet 2 in Windows using VirtualBox
I needed a mobile setup and have been dying for a Duet 2. Problem is, I use a lot of plugins that are Windows-only. The solution seems to be using VirtualBox to run a Windows 7 VM within my Mac and pass the audio through. Because VirtualBox uses a hypervisor, it should give full access to the processor and I can use USB passthrough to connect a fast external drive, meaning the biggest bottleneck I can think of is in passing the audio through to Windows.

So far, in about two hours of playing with it, I can get input into Reaper and output from Windows using Media Player or something like it but no output from Reaper with VirtualBox set to emulate an Intel HD Audio controller. If I set VB to use the AC97, I can get output but it skips terribly and is unusable. I feel like I'm missing something. If Windows can output through the device, it feels like an issue with ASIO4All.

Any thoughts on this?

woeischris 25th October 2011 07:19 AM

A quick update...

Just discovered that if I disable the input in ASIO4All, output works. Just need to figure out why enabling the input breaks the output...