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Yellow Tools (help needed)
Old 1st January 2011
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Yellow Tools (help needed)

Yellow Tools:

Great Sounds

Pathetic installs with hours of wasted time

cluttered interface

Bad Support

Not long ago I tried Yellow Tools Independence Free, a Free sample player from Yellow Tools with a very nice sounding modest sized library of sounds.
Then a few weeks later I saw a deal where you could get Independence Pro Software Suite 2.5 along with Independence Basic (sounds?) for like 90 Bucks and I figured since YT Inde Free was great then this ought to be even better.

Well, Its been hell. Way to complicated (And I've installed tons of software and plugs) I recently built a nice i7 PC for Pro Tools 9 and I've been re-installing everything since leaving XP & PT8 and its been an experience.

Independence Free is great

Independence Pro Software Suite 2.5 Installs fine but Un-installs the FREE version. WTF? (and also their ENGINE program uninstalls Pro Software Suite)

Where's my damn sounds. I put all the YTIF files in the image folder (Inside the Yellow Tools Root Folder) but Inde Pro sees NONE.......Not any of the "Free" files OR any of the Basic sound set.
I'm thinking somehow I need to register the sounds but Yellow Tools overly complicated PDF's just say to drop the files into the Image Files Folder.
Its always such a joke when their PDF manuals always start by saying "The installation of Yellow Tools Products is very easy".........Yeah, right. The end user has to become a product specialist to deal with this overly complicated mess. Guys, stick with the free version as it works without needing any rocket science knowhow.

btw, a while back I submitted a support ticket (more than once) with YT but never heard anything back. That's when I discovered that the internet chatter about their lacking support must have been right.

How do I get the sounds working on these products?
Can you use the free sounds on the Pro Suite?
How do I register the sounds? I've wasted too much time and money on this mess.

Here is what I purchased in the bundle: (Both have their own serials)

Independence Pro Software Suite 2.5 E-License (works but no sounds to select)

yellow tools Independence Basic (what is this? Sounds? I downloaded the sounds for Basic and installed them but they don't show. I was given no installer for Independence Basic, plus the Layer installer just crashes. I hate pathetic overly complicated software.

Native Instruments WORKS
IK Multimedia WORKS
Toontrack WORKS

ETC....... Sorry for the venting, any help guys?
Old 1st January 2011
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Everyone at Yellow Tools and many other company's are on vacation until next week. You should get an answer then. Indep Pro light came with Samplitude 10. After seeing the tutorial video of Indy at the Samp web site, I really started to enjoy the program and I like it better than any other sampler out there. Oragami is amazing and with version 3.0 out the engine and zippy feel is even the way I have yet to hear better saxaphonez from any sampler. It really is a great program. Hang in there, help is on the way.
Old 1st January 2011
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I went back and looked and it was the October special which I purchased late October. I think it was around 60 bucks and was a good deal if I could get it working. My problem is all in getting the software to 'see' the sounds and access them.

I submitted the support tickets back in early November so it really looks like Yellow Tools aren't going to respond and I sent one two or three times. They have an online support form so there is no way to look back to see when you sent it.

So what's it take to get the sounds 'registered' to be seen in the software. I have a serial number they gave me for Independence Basic 2.5 but is this the Sound set or another software player? Independence Pro Software Suite 2.5 came with the download so I don't need another player but would like to use the 12 gigs of sounds (Independence Basic Sounds)

Its all so damn clear as mud.
Old 4th January 2011
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Nevermind, I got it. As long as the library is in the right place and you try to access it, Independence will finally contact the website and then pop up the challenge/response window.

Yellow Tools has great sounds, they just need easier to install/reg software.
Old 11th January 2011
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krucible's Avatar
Yellow Tools Library activation... ugh!

Yes, I am having activation issues, and I'm not getting help from YellowTools support after several contact attempts. There forums have been down for a couple weeks now.

I originally purchased Indie Pro 2.5 suite last January, without the 70 gig library. I used the "basic 12 gig library" that came with it.
I purchased the Indie Pro 3.0 suite upgrade, along with the 70 gig DVD set in December. I downloaded the upgrade and have it activated. The DVD library arrived but I cannot get the activation to work, as my Yellow Tools User account doesn't list the library as a product I've purchased. I had assumed it was suppose to show up there with a serial number after purchase, like the Pro 3.0 suite did.

I then noticed the website purchase page says; This DVD set contains the 9 E-License sound library DVDs of Independence Pro.
The library will NOT work with the Authorization Key (USB dongle) but only with the E-License activation.
There are NO serial numbers included in the delivery but only the DVDs. Purchase this product only if you already have an Independence Pro E-License serial number - after the download purchase of Independence Pro, for example.

The sound library E-license activation window with the challenge code is up, but I have no place to enter any information to get the responce code form the website. I even tried to use the serial number from both the Pro 2.5 suite and Pro 3.0 suite update to open the challenge code window. But my challenge code was rejected for both. I thought it would register under one of those serial numbers to bring up a library product activation response code.

No Luck...

Can anyone make any suggestions as to what else I can do?
Thanks in advance...
Old 23rd January 2011
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musicbydesign's Avatar

I understand your frustration as this can be a non user friendly way to register software but when you purchased the sound library you should have received a serial number for the sound set which you should enter in the reg window when it pops up (along with your Product code which the software generates) then the window registers you with the Yellow Tools server and gives you the Response code. Once the crazy window popped up, I was good. Watch your firewall as it can block the program from contacting the server to start the reg process but then again you said you got the reg window up. Sounds like you just need to find your serial. When I purchased mine I received and email listing a serial for both Inde Pro and Inde Basic (sounds). If you can't find your serial, just contact the place you bought the product from and they should be able to help get you your serial. Yellow Tools have great sounds, I would rather use iLok though as its much easier. Good luck.
Old 27th January 2011
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krucible's Avatar
Originally Posted by musicbydesign View Post
...but when you purchased the sound library you should have received a serial number for the sound set which you should enter in the reg window when it pops up (along with your Product code which the software generates) then the window registers you with the Yellow Tools server and gives you the Response code.
Yea, that's how it was registered when I initially bought Indy Pro 2.5 suite. But I've looked at the emailed receipt, and the only serial number was for the Pro 3 upgrade, which was a download. The library was mailed, but no serial number on the receipt or with the package when it arrived. I finally got two email responses from Christian, but his instructions were a little vague...
(see below)
Here is the installation process for Suite 3.0 and the library:

1.) install the Inde Pro Suite 3.0
2.) download the product folder of Independence Pro for the Suite 3.0 (Layers are already included)
3.) move the Independence Pro E-License Library into the folder "image files" inside your product folder
4.) Start Independence 3.0 and activate it
5.) switch to the preferences tab and enter the "library" sub-page
6.) click "add library" and select the product folder for Independence Pro (then click "ok" button)
7.) restart Independence 3.0 and load any instrument of Independence Pro
8.) activate the sound library when getting prompted

I get lost on #2, as I do not have any product folders to "download" from their site, in my user area... Only the Pro 3 installation executable I originally downloaded after purchase.
I emailed them back but it's been over a week and no reply....
I've added the library path in Independence, and get the challenge/response window, but nowhere do I have a serial number, or listing on their website of the library purchase...
Very frustrating that a returning customer cannot get support... I've mentioned that in my emails to them as well....
Old 27th January 2011
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I have the same krucible issue no serial number received! no response from YT I don't know what should I do I am really in trouble.

Old 28th January 2011
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krucible's Avatar
I got another reply from Christian yesterday.
He assured me that we would get the issue taken care of... I contacted him via a support ticket, and he emailed back via the [email protected] address. All I can say is try the same.
Though my issue is continuing, at least I'm now having "some" contact with them...
It would probably be easier if they got their forums back up...
Old 28th September 2011
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Yellow Tools Upgrade: Impossible ATM

I am having exactly the same issue as described above trying to upgrade to indie 3.0 from indie 2.0 suite

(i) i installed indie 3.0 no problems

(ii) copied the image files from my original dvds that came with the indie 2.0 bundled suite to an image folder. No problem

(iii) BUT where are the layer files for my existing libraries: Culture, Candy and Majestic? as OP observed it says the folders containing the layers are suppose to be in a folder in the "User Area" . This is not true.

did you guys get this issues sorted? v.frustrating as I have reformatted my computer and because I have the original installer dvds I thought this upgrade would be a no brainer instead of a major PITA

Have emailed yellow tools and wait for a response

any help much appreciated.

Call me cynical but I have a suspicion that the upgrade is actually a backdoor way to try and make you buy all the libraries again which contain the layers. otherwise why are they not included in the indie 3.0 installer or available as free download to registered users like us? Remember this is an "upgrade offer" to existing users so where are the layer files.


call me cynical BUT why have they taken down the user forums....?

Last edited by Spec; 28th September 2011 at 09:55 AM.. Reason: more cynicism
Old 30th September 2011
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bump. no answer from yellow tool
Old 30th September 2011
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To all who need help: YellowTools was bought by Magix and from their radio silence I fear that YT as a separate entity is on the way out.

I had Independence Free two years ago and liked it enough to buy the Piano expansion. Like the OP, the installation messed up everything and I never got Free to work again. The expansion never worked in the first place.

Unlike the OP, YellowTools were prompt in their replies to my emails although they ultimately failed to solve the problem.

But that was two years ago.

$10 says Magix will strip them off their assets and let the company die.
Old 2nd October 2011
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they are still selling yellow tools products - including upgrades - so they should support the products they are selling.

i sent another support ticket and an email to yellow tools and still no response.

this is silly: why would I upgrade the sampler if i cannot use my existing libary? after all this is an upgrade

Old 6th October 2011
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three emails and two support tickets later and zero response from yellow tools. pathetic.

I have worked out in part by their silence and part from the bits and pieces on the web site that my suspicions are correct.

if you "upgrade" to indie 3 there is no way to use your existing library ( that I paid 249 euros for in 2008). you have to effectively buy the libraries again at more or less full price.

consequently I am reloading indie 2.1. and back to where I was. what a waste of time and money.

yellow tools stuff sounds great but you are screwed if you need any support. but they are happy to take your money.


ps no where on the site does it say WARNING: if you upgrade to indie 3.0 you will have to re purchase your libraries.
Old 6th October 2011
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@Spec and all other having troubles, as it was mentioned here, YellowTools have been acquired by Magix. I'm sure if you try to reach @TimDolbear here in the forum, who I believe is the Product Rep for U.S Magix products will do his best to assist you guys or at least lead you at the right place to get your situation sorted out.

Also i'm sure that now that they have been bought by Magix, hopefully Magix will listen and take care of this installation issue as you guys aren't the first I heard about.

Good luck
Old 10th October 2011
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thanks for the contact.

i re-installed my older indie 2.1 and will look around for another percussion library."customer help" like yellow tools has convinced me to buy elsewhere.

Old 2nd March 2013
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Yellow Tools Independence Free

This is an awesome program, but I haven't been able to use my midi controller (keyboard) with it as a standalone application. I was wondering if anyone had any info-thanx.
Old 2nd March 2013
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kai handberg's Avatar
Independence really is a **** sampler. The worst I've ever used. Unstable, illogical, slow and tedious workflow and completely unintuitive. Its what happens when product is designed by a boardroom or a marketing department (Or coders...)

Its the only plugin I own that can actually take down cubase in a crash. Impressive.

in summary: decent sounds, **** program, **** support. Not worth the effort.
Old 10th May 2013
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Filthrill's Avatar

I can't get Independence Free to work as RTAS instrument plugin on an instrument track in Pro Tools 8HD on a Mac Pro. Just downloaded it for free on Magix website today. Anyone? I can insert it but when the plugin window comes up, it's blank/empty. Anyone? Bueller?

It does work fine as standalone but that's not gona help me.
Old 11th May 2013
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Im starting to think IF was "not worth the effort like my man said above.

Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G
Old 29th May 2013
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Mite as well keep talkin to myself rite? And mispelling words, rite? Think anyone will notice? Probably not. So the company sent me updated files to replace the old ones. Works great on my Mac Pro but wreaked havoc on my PC laptop.
Old 30th May 2013
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Originally Posted by Filthrill View Post
So the company sent me updated files to replace the old ones. Works great on my Mac Pro but wreaked havoc on my PC laptop.
Did you get rid of all old files before installing the new ones, as suggested by the developers?
Old 7th July 2013
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Originally Posted by Tui View Post
Did you get rid of all old files before installing the new ones, as suggested by the developers?
I didn't. Hmm. On the Mac is no issue. But I could try doing this on the PC. Will report back.
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