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OSX DAW role call please report here!
Old 31st March 2003
OSX DAW role call please report here!

Please tell me if you are usiung your DAW full time under OSX, and what software you are running!


Tell ya why later!
Old 1st April 2003
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atticus's Avatar
I have used Bias Deck 3.5 in OSX several times. Sad thing is that it's only 16 bit capable, but were were doing a DVD so we only had 16 bit source material. Worked pretty well, and I believe that it was the first OSX capable mulitrack. Rumor is that there will be an upgrade soon for higher bit depth and sample rates, which is kind of a must.
Old 1st April 2003
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imacgreg's Avatar
At the studio I'm interning at, we are using PT 6.0 on OSX. Haven't got a whole lot of time on the new PT myself, but it sure looks cool!

Old 1st April 2003
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mitgong's Avatar

We're running PT6 LE on our Powerbooks, but still on 5.3 in the big room.

Also, I've got Logic 5 on my P-Book, BUT I STILL HAVEN'T FIGURED IT OUT.

Alas poor Studio Vision.
Old 1st April 2003
Gear Head
We're running Logic 6 on osX on two Powerbook 1ghz machines with a bunch of ESX's going. These sync to PT on another computer (along with machine control for our V1's). Never had a problem yet.
Old 2nd April 2003
I run Logic6 on my 1GHz tibook and it's just phenomenal. Once TC gets the OSX Powercore drivers together (and the Native Bundle... ) and Emagic ports WaveburnerPro, I'll load OSX on my G4 tower and be a happy camper to never have to boot back into OS9 again. I've been using X since the first public beta and I hate having to go back to 9 these days...dfegad
Old 2nd April 2003
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PT6 OSX.....mixed three records in it already.
Old 2nd April 2003
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Kamurah's Avatar
I run Logic 6 on a G4 dual 1ghz.

Crystal AU
Zoyd AU

Gonna get the Auturia Moog Modular AU when they release it....and probably Reaktor too.

Logic has worked flawlessly for me since the day it came out for OSX....and ver 6 is just incredible (freeze tracks and Rewire). I use the cheap little Emagic emi 2/6 for monitoring....clocked and input via an Apogee Rosetta.

Nice all in one setup that works well on my desktop and laptop Macs.

Old 2nd April 2003
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C.Lambrechts's Avatar

Since today I'm full PT6.0 / OSX .... been testing / installing / upgrading plugins all week.

The most important ones are in there now ... at least for me :

Dual 867 ... one engine for RTAS .... I opened 40 sony 5 band eq's + filters in Rtas today .... SHAZAMMMM ....

The sony's seem to eat up WAY less under Rtas then under TDM.

Sony EQ
Sony dynamics
All the digidesign plugz
Waves 4.0
DUY plugz

the only thing I miss right now is STYLUS ... but that's coming too (I hope)

dfegad the rest.

OSX kicks butt.

(anyhow ... installed a dual boot system ... OS9.2 on a second HD ... PT files are perfectly compatible back and forth ... ... just as a safety ... )
Old 6th April 2003
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G4 QS 733 running OS 10.2.4

Pro Tools 6.0.1 (TDM Mix 24)
Sony Inflator
(still need to port Autotune and D2/D3 over to iLok from floppy authorization)
Ableton Live (using Digi standalone drivers)

almost completed my first finished track in PT's 6 - completed 1 commercial Mix album in Ableton Live.

I too have a spare internal drive for 9.2.2 + applications just incase

Old 6th April 2003
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I'm still waiting for Digidesign to add support in PT 6 for Magma expansion chassis'. I'm stuck (and very happy) in 9.2.2 land. I won't make the switch until PT 6.1.
Old 6th April 2003
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I've been using PT 6 for some time now. S2N, what trouble are you having with your magma? I've got the 64 bit chassis and haven't had any issues.
Old 6th April 2003
Gear Nut

Originally posted by Jan Folkson
I've been using PT 6 for some time now. S2N, what trouble are you having with your magma? I've got the 64 bit chassis and haven't had any issues.
From Digi's compatibility page here :

"PowerBook CardBus PCI Expansion

Cardbus chassis are currently not supported with Pro Tools 6.0.1 and Mac OS 10.2.3. We are actively working with Apple on support for cardbus chassis. Please refer to these compatibility pages for updates."

I running PT on a PowerBook.
Old 6th April 2003
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pounce's Avatar

when i get dp4, i'll switch my powerbook over to osx to begin getting used to it. however, i need a few more plug ins to get ported over before i can switch my audio machine to osx. so i am basically using a learnng machine for myself, and the important projects are all on hfs+ formatted drives (from os9) that are external firewire drives, so i can move them back and forth for my testing. seems like a good plan.
Old 6th April 2003
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jwh1192's Avatar
PTHD 6.0 and OSX...also, PTLE 6.0 and OSX...

both working pretty well...

happy to be home ...was out working on Married by America for the last month....

did i happen to say how much i love reality TV...oh thats right i DON'T....

peace john
Old 6th April 2003

Welcome to this months guest forum!

Old 7th April 2003
Can you guys tell me more about Ableton Live???
Old 7th April 2003
When Paul Turpins hangover & jet lag clears he probably can, he was over from Canada to a music festival over here in the UK and dropped by the studio with a new aluminium G4 laptop

Within seconds he was online via my airport basestation and was showing me Ableton Live (he loved it)

A chum here just described it as a mainly DJ tool & not a studio thang...

So Reason or Ableton Live??? That is the question!

Old 7th April 2003
A big difference between Reason and Live is that Live actually allows you to record audio into it, in real time. Reason has NO audio recording capabilities.
Old 7th April 2003
Ohh, I took a look at their website...
How powerfull is it to record, edit and mix?
Old 8th April 2003
Gear Maniac


Live is a great tool. It is all about the easy user interface and being able to do pretty much everything from a single screen. Choose between arrangement screen (more for studio stuff - with editable automation, etc) and the track screen (more for Live stuff and DJing).
I just did a DJ tour of Japan using Live on a modest iBook and it was perfectly stable - no crashes using OS 10.1.5 and have now updated to 10.2.4 with no problems either.
Contrary to the earlier post - its more of a Live 'arrangement' tool rather than a DJ tool. It takes some setting up of tracks for a Dj set to be workable - setting up warp markers, etc. But once tracks are 'warp marked' then the auto-beat matching is superb and lets you get on with adding plug-ins (superb delays/filters + VST plugs, etc)
Forget about carrying heavy boxes of vinyl or damaging/losing rare records - just fill up a Pocket FW drive with hundreds of tracks and drag them into your set whenever. I use AIFF 16 bit files for better sound than mp3... I was mixing 3 or 4 tracks at once + my own percussion loops with delays and filters, bit reducers, distorters, etc... its a lot of fun!

Old 9th April 2003
Gear Maniac

been using OSX fulltime since early last year. sold my quadra 650 running protools 2/3 on system 7.5.x.
started out using bias peak and deck.
current system running on a dual 1.25 g/Hz:
logic platinum 5.5 (waiting for ver. 6)
reason 2.5 beta
live 2
n.i. traktor 2
eMagic's EVOC 20, EVP 88, ES 1, ES 2, EVB3, EVD6, EXS 24 Mk. II instruments
logic control, control XT X2.
metric halo mobile i/o2882 used only for the a/d-d/a as my mic pre's are far superior to the mic pre's in the metric halo.
i also gig w/ my TiBook using live, reason and traktor.
for me it's not so much a question of EITHER live OR reason. i rewire them together and use reason as a soundsource and live as the "manipulator". but then, it's really far more complex than that. live is one of those "what if?" programs. i still haven't run out of ideas on how to totally mess things up.
Old 10th April 2003
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Kris's Avatar
OSX and PT6... since yesterday... no snags so far...
Old 11th April 2003
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Mac OS X 10.2.5 and Pro Tools 6.0.1 now works with my PowerBook and Magma/Mix3 expansion chassis. I tried it, then went back to 9.2.2/5.1.3 when the session began.
Old 17th April 2003
Gear Nut

OSX now

Full time: Cubase SX 1.04 in OS 10.2.5 on 550MHz G4.
Old 21st April 2003
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salty's Avatar

SX, Live and Reason

Hi I'm using Cubase SX fairly happily for recording 8 track in a working studio environment, although it's a little bit strained once the native plugins come into play on an old(!) 733. Maybe it's time for a Powercore card.

Reason 2 and Live 2 are both running flawlessly, I use them live when my band play, and I must say I'm totally at ease using OS X during a critical live show, as neither program or OS has failed me yet.

I have a big Son et Luminere show coming up in July and I am torn between using the Mac w. Cubase and an MX24-24/DM24 combo to run the sound for the show. (11 Speaker surround :D)

The only thing that has piddled me off a bit is that I bought a M-Audio Delta with the intention of buying another to go up to 16-track, and I recently emailed M-Audio to check how things were running re. multiple delta cards, and aparrently you can't use more than one card at a time under OS X. So now I'm stuck with 8 channels with the choice of waiting for a possible fix, or sell the card and buy a MOTU or Hammerfall system (Digidesign is just too expensive).

So there are still teething troubles and incompatibilities, but the future is definitely looking rosy IMO.

Old 22nd April 2003
Gear Maniac

Re: SX, Live and Reason

Originally posted by salty
Reason 2 and Live 2 are both running flawlessly, I use them live when my band play, and I must say I'm totally at ease using OS X during a critical live show, as neither program or OS has failed me yet.

So there are still teething troubles and incompatibilities, but the future is definitely looking rosy IMO.

i use reason and live to do gigs on my TiBook and have NEVER crashed or even a hicup. the only other system that i've ever had that has been this stable is my 4 meg atari 68030 running notator.
Old 1st May 2003
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matiaslanzi's Avatar

Using PT 6.1 with OS X.2.4

I'm using PT 6.1 on OS X full time on a G4 733, changed my MIDI Time Pieces for AMT8s due to the lack of serial port recognition of OSX. My plugins are Waves Platinum and Autotune along with the digi set of standar stuff.

Working great without a problem, MIDI stable (believe it or not), audio stable and the workspace browser searches in the files comments, great for sound design and FX cutting. FAdes are created on the run without stopping (got to love that) plugins inserted without stopping and crash free with a second audio loss, happy, happy, happy. I was in heaven until Apple released X.2.5 with a nasty bug on the USB core which causes MIDI server dumps and USB Hub malfuntion to the point of not recognizing my keyboard and mouse.

Very tense session with client in the room, 2 days downtime and almost an ulcer.

back to 9.x to save the session

I'm about to reinstall X.2 and bomb apple's icon garden, I'm sick of thinking different.fuuck

I'll report back on reinstallation.
Old 1st May 2003
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Greg Heimbecker's Avatar
After last year's fiasco of waiting for plugins til November for HD I'm going to wait til this summer to upgrade to PT6. when EVERYTHING I use is ready, I'll jump.

I've been using Peak here at the house though for a bit of restoration work, it's been happy.
Old 15th March 2006
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wyndrock's Avatar
Intel Mac | Logic Studio | Apogee | Metric Halo
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