Logic Pro 8 with PTHD cards????
Old 7th April 2008
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Logic Pro 8 with PTHD cards????

I have been running Logic Pro 8 and just switched over toe PTHD3. Thus, I removed my symphony card and installed the 3 Digi cards-- Core card and 2 Accel cards. Protools works just fine but I can no longer get audio in or out of my Logic projects. I was under the impression that Logic could be set to run I/O through PT HD cards.

I have gone to Logic Preferences and made changes but I can't seem to get this up and running.
Old 7th April 2008
your logic projects will need to be set up as DAE channels not coreaudio channels. You'll also need to convert any interleaved stereo files to split L+R files.

Unless you run the coreaudio driver for logic (and disable DAE within logic so as to avoid conflicts), in which case you're limited to 8i/o and no TDM processing.
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