Looking for the best Micro Pitch Shift plug-in
Old 3rd April 2008
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Looking for the best Micro Pitch Shift plug-in

...for Pro Tools.

I've been using Digidesign's Pitch plug-in to emulate that effect but I'm not pleased with the results, it does not compare to an actual H3000 by any means and it actually sounds a little bit reverby to my ears. I downladed Soundtoys SoundBlender and it sounds much better but I was wondering: is SoundBlender still the best Micro Pitch Shift plug-in? What about the Eventide H3000 Factory, H910 and H949 plug-ins? I requested a demo but I haven't got their email yet, do they normally take so long to send you a demo (download link)?

In the minetime I'd appreciate any comments from Eventide plug-ins users. Can you achieve a great sounding Micro Pitch Shift effect with those plug-ins?

Any other plug-in that sounds good for this application?
Old 3rd April 2008
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i like audio damage discord!

it's super cheap too... but you need the VST-RTAS wrapper.
Old 3rd April 2008
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+1 for discord
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