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Plugins that lasted past the honeymoon phase
Old 24th July 2019
Gear Maniac
So many things ...
Uad´s Ocean Way Studio - LA2A - 1176 - Bx-20 - Neve 33096 - and many others.
I need to get myself a couple of Octos, but waiting for the new generation of those ...

Bx ssl 4000 - Bax eq - Maag eq - Black box and a few others

Soundtoys Echoboy

On the top of my head ...
Old 25th August 2019
Here for the gear
Godhand502's Avatar

For the paid plugins:

Antares (everything...what can I say, I record Hip-Hop mostly)

Izotope (everything except for the tuner...I love intuitive controls and their plugins just sound nice, aside from the heavy CPU tax)

Waves H-Delay (a very unique delay, one of my favorites)

Waves Metaflanger (this is flanger in the game IMO)

Waves Aphex Aural Exciter (this is a big step up from the stock Exciter that comes with Logic)

Waves The King's Microphones (I know most of you are saying WTF right now, but its a great shortcut for giving Neo-Soul vocals a sort of haunting vibe, kind of like the old Erykah Badu/Billie Holiday/Wayna. Not something I'd use on every project, just on a certain type.)

W. A. Production Mutant Delay (this is a very underrated and slept on delay)

Focusrite Midnight, Red, and Scarlett bundles (yeah, I know two are the same except for the skin, but sometimes I need something to match the color psychology of my mood )

Native Instruments RC 24, RC 48, VC 2A, VC 76, and VC 160 (I used to use these as my main go-to reverbs and compressor/limiters, but I've found myself using them less as I get more plugins. I still use them frequently, but a little less so as time moves on.)

Native Instruments Enhanced EQ (like those above, I still use it frequently, but am slowly drifting away a bit)

BBE Sound Sweet bundle (I used to use these on everything, but I find myself sometimes using other newer plugins as of late. I have the older version of this bundle, not the new one. They sound great and are easy to use, but I recently picked up a few hundred plugins and I'm still trying to establish which are truly my best in class for mastering chain.)

Initial Audio Reverse (Great for flipping parts of the beat to create bridges and breakdowns, as well as reversing curse words for radio mixes and clean album versions.)

Initial Audio SlowMo (Great for adding sauce to ad-libs and hooks, or creating a DJ Screw sort of vibe.)

Softube TSAR-1R (This is a nice reverb that I picked up in their Time & Tone Bundle. It has a very good sound and for those that get it bundled with their interface, this is a nice step up from stock reverb plugins.)

And as for free plugins:

Blue Cat Frequency Analyzer (This has been my main go to analyzer since I first got it. I've picked up a few others since then, but I keep going back to this one.)

Flux Bittersweet (This is a very good transient processor that is quick and easy to use. Not the best-sounding out of all, but its intuitive controls and the fact that its free makes it a great plugin for beginners or those on a tight budget. I just wish that there was some other descriptors underneath "Bitter" and "Sweet" that would give newbies a better idea of how the knob works. I've watched others try using it on my computer and it takes them awhile to figure out what the knob does exactly. I think "Hyped" and "Lazy" would almost be better descriptors.)

Boz Digital Labs Bark of Dog 2 (I've been using this since the first version and I used it a lot before I upgraded my microphones and preamp to give the vocals a little bit more density. Even though I don't have the same hardware issues that I used to, I still use this from time to time, especially on vocalists with tinny, nasally voices.)

Camel Audio CamelCrusher (A nice distortion plugin that will probably resurface as a new Logic stock plugin sometime in the future. Thats why its so hard to find a working download of the freebie now. Apple bought them out awhile ago, from what I've heard.)

Klanghelm MJUCjr (This is a lite version of the MJUC compressor, which is still quite useful. For those on a budget, this is a great plugin. I used it more before I got into Waves and Focusrite. I plan to pick up the full-version MJUC sometime in the future, but I've been following the summer sales lately and haven't gotten around to it yet.)

I have a bunch of other plugins, but I purchased a lot of them recently, so they are still in the honeymoon phase. Some of these are from HoRNeT, Waves, TAL, and PSP Audio, among others. But since this thread is specifically about plugins you've had long enough that the buyers excitement has worn off, I refrained from giving my initial impressions of them.

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Old 26th August 2019
Gear Addict
PSP Vintagewarmer (now II) one of the first commercial plugins I ever bought and I still use it regularly.
Old 26th August 2019
Gear Head
cat alley's Avatar
Waves Tune
Old 30th August 2019
Gear Maniac
i use Native Instruments Passive EQ all the time.


Old 30th August 2019
Gear Maniac

So plugins, which are old but still useable...

1. Sonnox Elite Bundle (AAXDSP) (Especially the sonnox EQ GML option)
3.I saw MCDsp Plugins in action in 2002 at a studio with tdm hardware...
So yes i wanted all the MCDsp Plugins... Still great...
4. Sonalksis (all plugins)... Eq, comp and gate are still great...(and the creative FX)
5.Eventide... I started with the tdm versions, and now in the native world, they are still great...
6. Lexicon Full bundle... Old, but still a great reverb and chorus option...
7. Metric Halo Full bundle... AAXDSP... good sounding plugins...
8. Softtube... All Plugins...
9. You can say about Nomad what you want, there are some plugins, which are really good...
10. Access Virus TDM... still a great softsynth...
11.I started with Brainworx, where PA did not exist... In my case... The Spl Plugins... Transient Designer...PassEQ....
12. Native instruments... Fm7 (now 8), Absynth(all versions), Kontakt...
Old 31st August 2019
Gear Addict
Cranesong/Dave Hill-All 3



Dangerous Bax

CLA Effects

Duende Bus Comp

Transatlantic Plate


UAD: Lex 224, 480, RMX 16, 1176, Distressor, Neve DFC, Ocean Way, Precision Delay

Primal Tap



L1 Anniversary Edition



Pro Q2

Autotune Pro


Tube Tech MKII



Fix Doubler, Flanger

Sonnox Doubler



Seventh Heaven Pro


Old 31st August 2019
Gear Nut

Honeymoon? I have plugins I have not even activated or installed.
Old 1st September 2019
Here for the gear

Some older vsts I still use are CamelPhat and Kjaerhus plugins (free & paid).
Old 2nd September 2019
My answer is kind of stupid but true...most of the default Studio One plugs. They are generally easy to use, low cpu strain and work nicely.
Old 6 days ago
Here for the gear

I used to be a tweaker but no longer have time or patience for that which fortunately mitigates my Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I need simple tools that just work. Like, I'd rather aspire to be a master sushi chef that has 3 perfect knives that a drawer full of junk.
These are some that have made it into long-term rotation (in no particular order):

HoRNet: CLMS. I keep the "send" version as the first plug on my channel strip and the "receive" as the last (before my meter). An auto-gain control, it compensates for the "louder is better" mixing fallacy. Best bang for buck ratio ever for improving my mixes.


VUMT 2 Deluxe: Excellent customization options with some added bells and whistles. Really helps mixing to a LUFS level without having to squint at all the visual candy of some other meters.
(Honorable mention: Brainworx BX Meter, Spirit of krosh RMS+, but I don't like to run x86 bridged plugs anymore..)

DC1A2: Sounds great on everything. Two knobs, 4 buttons. Dial in your sound-- done.
DC8C2: Also perfect, does everything well. Except multiband.
Never really warmed to MJUC. I wanted to love it but it makes things sound worse.
That's just me! Plenty obvs love it...

Sonible: Freiraum. Indispensable once you get a grip on it for a number of uses.

SKNote: Sound Brigade. Dynamic filter bank.The poor-man's Oeksound Spiff. It you are having a problem EQing a track, try this.

HOFA: 4U+ Dynamic Tilt EQ. Awesome dynamic (or static) tone control. Great interface- you can see everything at a glance, dial in quickly, move on.

TDR: NOVA GE, Slick EQ M Mastering EQ, Kotelnikov GE.
World-class tools for cheap. Haven't warmed to the Limiter 6 Mastering limiter but I'm not a mastering engineer.

NI: Replica XT. Any delay style you could want ( inc. diffusion) with a simple interface that keeps the tweaky stuff available under the hood.

2CAudio: Breeze/ Breeze 2. Stellar sound quality that you don't have to mess around with to get a sound. Love B2 as well but too much of a CPU hog (not really a hog, it's doing a lot of work) to always be in my work flow.
Also, Precedence has a decent shot but haven't worked with it enough to say for sure, but signs point to yes.

Sonimus:Satson. Best sounding HPF/LPFs for non-surgical use (hello bx cleansweep pro ). My favorite saturation, gain compensation

Brainworx: XL V2. What can I say, I like the sound of that XL knob tho I'm getting away from limiting.

ToneBoosters EBU Loudness/ Youlean loudness meter (Tie) When I need to do that stereo-pan thing.

Mellowmuse:EQ1A. For getting a Pultecish low end sound, I've found nothing better so far even on expensive plugs. and Free!

Xfer Records: OTT. When it's gotta be OTT...

Kuassa: BasiQ. Three knobs, great sound. Free.

Boz Digital LAbs: Bark of Dog. Does that repetitive task of cleaning up and tightens your low end track in 3 easy knobs. and Free!

Things on my future list with which I hope to have a lasting marriage or at least have a crush on for a while:

TBPro Audio: CS 5501 Channel Strip

DMG: Multiplicity, Track Meter

Fuse Audio Labs: new to me, who knows...
Old 3 days ago
Gear Addict
All the usual UAD "greats"
Softube Tape.
PSP: Vintage Warmer 2, Springbox, BusPressor, Scanner, L'otery, 2445.
NI Supercharger GT - a simply outstanding character compressor.
Soundtoys: EchoBoy (IMHO the best delay ever), Crystalizer, Little Radiator, Decapitator (class!), PanMan, Little Plate.
Audiothing: Fog Convolver, ValveFilter.
Izope: Ozone, Alloy 2 (brilliant gate - particularly sidechained.)
Steinberg: DaTube, DeEsser, QuadraFuzz2, Revelation, Stereo Enhancer, Envelope Shaper.
Old 3 days ago
For me, it's MJUC and e2deesser

Sometimes I was tired of MJUC and didn't use it at all
and then months later I start using it all over again
Pretty cool compressor!

e2deesser is the funny one
I've used it (a feature, where I can EQ only usual voice differently then esses-voice, is exceptional) and then I thought that it can't dynamically reduce esses, like it applies fixed gain reduction no matter how loud or soft essess
so I used other deessers
and then I read manual for e2deesser and damn, it can dynamically reduce esses and automatically change freq response for different syllables and softening only the esses
now I'm a ninja of e2deesser and start using it all over again
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