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How do you work : hybrid, ITB, Console Audio Interfaces
Old 4th June 2018
How do you work : hybrid, ITB, Console

hi guys,

it's mid 2018 and I am interested on how you work.

mobile setup:
Computer: windows 10, i7-6x series, 64gig ram, SSD Samsung EVO850
Interface: antelope ZEN, mytek ad96
Plugins: sonalksis, softube, iztope, weiss, soundtoys, console 1...
sequencer: cubase 9.5
summing: vintage maker custom built with Haufe
monitoring: PSI 25, NS-10, Sonodyne SM100


Hybrid setup, mostly ITB
Old 4th June 2018
W10, AMD 1700X, 32GB, tons of SSDs & 6TB HDD space.
Interfaces used (depends on what I currently test): BF Pro (main), MADI FX + DAD AX32
Studio One
Console 1, Nektar Panorama P4, NI Kontrol 61
Torpedo Captor + WoS (using a Laney Tube amp, call it hybrid)
Softube, SSL, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Waves CLA, D16, NI, Orchestral Tools
Blue Sky System One 2.1 with Roland SuperUA as monitor controller (perfect abuse ).

Last edited by DAW PLUS; 6th June 2018 at 09:53 AM.. Reason: a tad of hybrid
Old 4th June 2018
Gear Maniac
Nico@SunnySide's Avatar


Computer : MacPro 5,1 12-core, 3.33GHz, 20Gb RAM, OS SSD 850 Pro, Rec & Mix SSD 850, Libraries & Backup SATA 7200rpm, OS X Sierra

Soundcard/Converter : Metric Halo ULN-8 & 2882

Monitoring : ATC SCM 110 Pro, Auratones

Summing : Studer 169 -> Chandler Curve Bender EQ -> Custom GSSL comp
Extra outboard : Germanium Comp, Tone Control, Eventide H3500, stereo preamps for color

DAW: Reaper 5///PT 2018.3///Cubase Pro 9.5///Logic Pro X///Ableton Live 9///Reason 10

Plugs: PluginAlliance/Soundtoys/Altiverb/Waves/Softube/ValhallaDSP/HD Cart/Exponential Audio ReverbsArousor/PSP/DMG Audio etc...

Great times for hybrid
Old 4th June 2018
Lives for gear
DeadPoet's Avatar
About to rebuild the studio after a move. Plans are:


Win10 PC, i7 (don't know the speed or graphics card or ram amount, only that it works ), Cubase Pro 9.5, Icon Platform M+ and 2x X+.

RME MADIFX with 2x Antelope Audio Orion32 via MADI.

All 64 channels patched to outboard.

Old 4th June 2018
Lives for gear

Small minnow in the audio ocean here, home projects for family/friends only:

75% ITB:
-Turnkey i5 by ADK, solid as a rock, see sig for details
-W10 Pro uggh
-Cubase 9.0
-Steinberg UR28M interface
-Revoice Pro Tuning/Timing
-EZ Drummer 2
-UAD-2 Solo
-Lots of use of Greg Well's Waves: VoiceCentric, Pianocentric, MixCentric, ToneCentric
-Other plugs of course
-IK Multimedia Sample Tank for sounds not included in Cubase's Halion Sonic SE

25% OTB
-Yamaha Motif 8
-AT 4033a Mic
-Percussion instruments
-FMR RNC (Real Nice Compressor) - rarely.
-Monitoring: Beyerdynamics DT 880 Pro (bad room), 770 Pro (tracking); Small 5" JBL throways for when I want to take cans off.
-Don't use my BCF 2K anymore … too much hassle, have to think too hard about the mapping instead of just mixing
Old 4th June 2018

Computer : MacPro 6,1 12-core, 2.7GHz, 64Gb RAM, (2) SSD 1 TB, Rec & Mix SSD 1TB, Libraries & Backup SATA 7200rpm, OS X Sierra

Soundcard/Converter : Orions 32+, Apollo 8, UAD Octo Satellite, Antelope Satori

Monitoring : Genelecs, NS10's, Auratones

Summing : Neve 5059/Neve MBP/Manley Vari Mu/ Chandler Curve Bender EQ Bettermaker 502 & 542
Extra outboard : (2) Distressors (2) API 527, Wes Audio Dione,WA 73, LA2A, 1176, Stam SA4000, Various Mic Pres

DAW: Pro Tools 12, Ableton Suite 10

Controllers (2) Avid Mix, Slate Raven

Plugs: Acustica/PluginAlliance/Soundtoys/Altiverb/Waves/Softube/Console 1/ Slate/UAD (all) etc...
Old 4th June 2018
Lives for gear
Quetz's Avatar
Home studio.
ITB, but moving to hybrid.


Computer: Win 10x64, Self-build i5 2500K quad @ 4.5GHz, 16GB ram, mix of SSDs and 7200rpm drives.
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd Gen
Monitoring: Presonus Eris E8s, AKG K702s, AKG LSM-50s.
Controllers: Softube Console 1, Icon Platform M+ and X+ with 2 x D2 displays, Presonus Faderport 1, Novation Launchkey 49 mk2.
DAW: Studio One Pro v3.5
Plugins: Softube, UAD, Waves, Toneboosters, Brainworx, Air, XLN, IK Multimedia etc.

To Hybrid:
Replacing the Focusrite interface with a Cranborne Audio 500RS once they're available, that's it.
Then I can route to and from 500 series modules for mixbus comp and EQ especially.

Last edited by Quetz; 7th July 2018 at 12:40 PM.. Reason: updated
Old 5th June 2018
Lives for gear
login's Avatar
ITB mostly,

Custom PC, win10, i7, RME Fireface UC
Ableton Live Suite 10
Ableton Push
Plugins: u.he, NI, waldorf, serum

System 8
Old 5th June 2018
Gear Addict

Computer: Hackintosh/Win7 home-buiilt machine
Sequencer: Logic 9.1.8 on Snow Leopard/Reaper (using mostly Reaper now after 20 years of Logic)
Interface: MOTU/Apogee/Roland
Plugins: Acustica Audio, PSP. IK Multimedia, Plugin Alliance and more
Monitoring: PMC TB2, Rogers/Stirling LS3/5a, AE Pro Sats

Old 5th June 2018
Lives for gear
ITB, however, nice pre's, mics and input sources.
Old 5th June 2018
Lives for gear

I used to run a Hybrid setup when first switching over from tape to digital.
Thought I'd need mixers and hardware effects like I did recording to tape.

Didn't take me long to discover most of that stuff was totally redundant and once I had tracks recorded it made no sense converting back to analog just to add some hardware effects. Once digital, it stays digital.

I do use some hardware tracking just like I always have for recording DI tracks. I started using various rack preamps/effects units back in the early 80's tracking to tape. Some had primitive forms of amp modeling which got the sound closer to a miced amp. The latest generation of these amp/cam modelers will knock your socks off. By the time you add some time based effects like echo/chorus/reverb its impossible to know by listening if tracks were recorded direct or from a miced amp.

You do have to know how to target the sounds you need. The goal is to nail the exact tones you want for the recording before you track then use little to no effects mixing. Having the right tones tracking can make all the difference in the world tracking because you manipulate the tones you hear when you're playing, just like you'd manipulate the sounds you hear coming from an amp. You can of course add additional effects mixing is you choose but you have to keep the effects order correct to avoid nasty side effects.

I really don't mind not using things like a mixer and hardware effects either. If you own a truly great recording console then I can see where you might want to capture its sound. Anything which is Mediocre and below (especially PA gear) is going to rob more quality from the signal path then it actually adds. Skipping it all together will record things without those losses and you then have all the time in the world mixing to get the best from the tracks.
Old 5th June 2018
Lives for gear


console (digital/analog): studer vista/mci
outboard: quantec, lexicon, eventide, tc, jünger, spl, weiss, waves, amek/neve, grace design, crane song, euphonix, ssl, rme
monitoring: lake processors, tad, tannoy 5.1, k+h, genelec, fostex
mics: schoeps, neuheiser, b&k, akg, beyer, soundfield, sanken, shure

daw/tape/recorder: nuendo/studer/sound devices, tascam
computer: win7
interface: rme madi
plugins: what plugins?! - ok, some sonnox

other: caffè
Old 6th June 2018
Here for the gear
Home Studio

Mac Mini 2012(SSD-10Gb RAM)
Audient ID14
Behringer ADA8200
Controller: Digidesign Command 8
Master Keyboard: Nektar Impact 65
Studio Monitor: Yamaha NS10m + Samson Servo 170
DAW: Pro Tools 2018 // Logic Pro X // Studio One 3
Plugin: Waves//Slate Digital//PluginAlliance//Eventide//Overloud
Old 6th June 2018
Home studio

Hybrid & In the box within a box.

Hybrid, in that I use my keyboard and midi modules for certain sounds that I can't get from my VSTi's.

Box within a box, in that for a handful of years I've been synchronizing several DAW PC's, for as much CPU & ram resources I need, far beyond that actually, to a point where I don't any actions at all to save/conserve on resources. I dedicate entire DAW PC's for specific tasks, like a dedicated VSTi PC, dedicated audio PC, dedicated everything guitar PC etc. In my own experience, I'm amazed by how efficient a computer can be when you don't tax it by doing everything under the sun.

Main desktop PC - Win 7 64 bit, 12 core/48 GB ram, Tascam FW-1884 interface/controller, & 64 bit Cubase
4 Slave PC's - Win XP 32 bit (because I already had them), quad core, 4 GB ram, Aardvark Q-10's & Aark 24 interfaces, legacy 32 bit Cubase. All PC's synchronized with VST System Link as needed. I monitor analog audio of all PC's when System Linking with a Tascam FW-1082 as my monitor mixer. I often run only one PC at a time, eg; when I'm working on my dedicated VSTi PC with midi, or recording vocals on my dedicated audio PC etc.

Alesis synth/midi keyboard, Roland midi sound modules, hardware & software amp sims, 3rd party drum VSTi's for my drum sounds triggered by my ekit (see my Avatar), midi guitar. I use a lot of VSTi sounds directly from my newer Cubase version on my main DAW, but use various 3rd party VSTi's too for bass guitar & keyboard type sounds.

With all the above listed, I'm currently working on a project with just my Win 7 64 bit PC to see what, if any limitations I have with running 12 cores & 48 GB ram. Mostly ITB with what I refer to as 'surrogate sounds' for now, but I'll likely replace some sounds with my external modules and my Win XP PC's for VSTi sounds I have installed on them too. Previously before I got my 64 bit 12 core/48 GB ram DAW, I had to run at least 2 XP PC's minimum, but I'd run 3 Win XP DAW PC's for my typical projects, because 2 XP PC's were close to being maxed out. As I said, I still use my Win XP DAW's for certain music tasks because I already have them, and I don't have much in the way of newer 64 bit VSTi's
Old 7th June 2018
Gear Maniac

This is a really timely thread for me. I am getting addicted to the idea of buying outboard gear, but am convinced most of it is redundant.

I mix on an Allen and Heath Zed R16, with all effects in the box (Waves mostly). I got a cheap dbx compressor the other day, and it has inspired lots of browsing for old cheap rack units. I almost splashed out on an SA4000, then found a thread in which I couldn't tell the difference between that and the Waves SSL comp that I already have. I'm happy if you can tell the difference!

I think I'll now use the dbx for tracking. Yes I know the arguments about not needing to do it due to the headroom of 24 bit recording, but it's about forcing me to focus on the source and make decisions early. I also got a brilliant punchy "finished" sound with my 11R and the dbx in the loop, and I think effects change the way you play, so it's worth having.
Old 7th June 2018
Lives for gear
nyandres's Avatar
Hybrid... Mostly ITB except for tracking... The hardware is more or less like a preset I use to add a certain character I like, but the quality mostly comes from the plugins where i do the detailed work
My current setup

Logic Pro x
Mac Pro (64gb , 8 cores....)
Apoge Symphony IO MK2

Tracking: OTB
Preamps - Vintech 273, QSP-20
Compressors: Warm WA2A, Kenetek 1176 (also have few others but like to reserve em as a preset for the bus)
Mics: various... Most often use a Classic II, or K2, or 404
No plugins used during tracking...maybe some Lexion reverb if vocalist needs it
Drums if using E-drum are BFD3 (Roland TD30)

Mixing: Hybrid
Hybrid... Mostly stay in the box, occassionally I use the tracking outboard.
Most of the mix is Slate VBC, VCC, VTM, VMR, Izotope Suite, Lexicon|Acon|Eastwest reverbs, and DMG Compassion, equilibrium. Occasionaly use inflator
Mix bus, I use a Buzz Audio DBC20, may incluse some of the mastering OTB gear as well

Outboard is HendyAmps Michelangelo EQ > Buzz Audio DBC 20, Buzz Audio SOC 20 > Plugins (Weiss DS1|Ozone 8 > DMG Limitless)

Last edited by nyandres; 7th June 2018 at 12:41 PM..
Old 7th June 2018
Lives for gear
Still in a very long process of setting up a new system.

32 AD/DA
184 patch points was not enough, waiting on another 64 patch points to arrive.
Preamps are outside the patch system. 24 of the inputs to the patch system are XLR inputs from preamps that use XLR patching.
over 60 mic's waiting for me to finish up with the racking & patching.
Old 7th June 2018
for tracking it's my neve preamps, and best quality mics,

for mixing I do a lot of work ITB before sending anything out to hardware, I try and get the sound close to where it needs to be first, but for pretty much all my compression and EQ is all hardware, sometimes not just one pass but several, later on in the mix for example I might decide the drums need even more compression, it's never a set process, or the same twice.

What I love about digital is you can go back to the original un processed file, but it's rare I do, I prefer the idea of committing to sounds and not going back
Old 8th June 2018
Lives for gear
nyandres's Avatar
Originally Posted by pencilextremist View Post
for tracking it's my neve preamps, and best quality mics,

for mixing I do a lot of work ITB before sending anything out to hardware, I try and get the sound close to where it needs to be first, but for pretty much all my compression and EQ is all hardware, sometimes not just one pass but several, later on in the mix for example I might decide the drums need even more compression, it's never a set process, or the same twice.

What I love about digital is you can go back to the original un processed file, but it's rare I do, I prefer the idea of committing to sounds and not going back
With analog you can still go back to the original... Bypass the gear... In other words you use the hardware like you would a plugin
Old 9th June 2018
Here for the gear

Calidad de sonido al mejor precio?

Actualmente trabajo con una mesa digital Yamaha TF3.
Es realmente comodo, ya que tienes todo a la mano sin tener que tocar el raton.
El principal problema en un home studio es monitorizar mientras grabas, latencia, volumenes, efectos...etc.
Todo esto esta solucionado con una mesa digital, pero la pregunta es: se puede mejorar la calidad de audio? Se puede compaginar una interfaz de calidad con la mesa?
Mejores preamplificadores? Mejores convertidores? Se notará realmente la diferencia?
iMac 27”, 4K. 16 Gb de ram. HHD 7.200 rpm.
Interface: Yamaha TF3. 24 bits. 48 Khz.
Presonus Central Station
Monitores: Focal Shape. Equipo de sonido audiófilo. Home cinema.
Controlador: iCon Platform +
Acondicionamiento acústico.
Auriculares y micrófonos profesionales.
Amplificador de auriculares para 8
Cableado profesional.
Acondicionador de corriente Furman.
Old 9th June 2018
Gear Addict

ITB, preamp > AD > cubase > DA > Monitors.

I just switch on the PC, plug in and record. Really great for capturing ideas.
Old 10th June 2018
Lives for gear
matucha's Avatar
Tracking - just overdubs

mics: many
pres: Daking, Manley, TAB funkenwerk V78, Siemens V276 and V72
comps: Buzz SOC 1.1 or nothing
eqs: Siemens W295 for ribbons if needed

Mixing - ITB most of the time. When hybrid, I print the tracks right away to avoid recalls. I also generally stay away from using HW on busses, because it's riskier to print. If there is a place for tape echos, spring reverbs, then I take my time to print it for each instrument separatelly. No one has ever paid me enough to do that, but sometimes the music is worth the sacrifice.

i7 - 8core, 64gb ram, W10 64bit
RME AES cards
Cubase 6 (I didn't find a good enough reason to upgrade)
Fabfilter, UAD, Lexicon, TDR, Boz, Soundtoys...

Lavry and Lucid converters
DBX165a, Neumann W495 and U473, ADR Vocal Stressors, Gyraf G14, Barry Porter EQ (rarely), CS Trakkers, Manley Varimu, Siemens W295 and U273
Roland RE201, RE501, Korg SE500, Korg GR1, Moogerfoogers, Ibanez AD202, Dynacord TAM21, Dynacord Super76, AKG BX25

Mastering - hybrid in 95% cases. In the last few inches HW has some edge. At the same time on many albums there is at least one track where I stay itb because it just sounds better in that particular case.

Lavry, Barry Porter EQ, Trakkers, Varimu, Neumann W495&U473 (rarely), Gyraf G14 (rarely)

Monitoring - Avocet > ME Geithain RL901k, ADAM S3A, Sony MDR7520
Old 11th June 2018
Lives for gear
deuc647's Avatar

ITB but going hybrid

Computer: I7 I built myself 6 years ago with removable HD and SSDs
Interface: PT HDX w/BLA modded HD I/O, Lynx E44, Qes Labs PAD-2
Plugins: PA bx_console G and E, BB HG2, Vertigo VSM-3, BX digital V3, L2
Sequencer: MPC 5000
Monitoring: Equator D8 coaxials
Controller: C24
Mics: Stam audio S87
Roland S8, K11U, DW Fearn VT-1, ADL 600, 6 custom REDD 47 pres getting built as I type

Summing will be SSL Sigma by the end of the year.
Old 13th June 2018
Lives for gear
soundebler's Avatar
Hybrid home studio

Tracking / recording 4 track cassette with midi from Samsung N145P , cassette is converted to digital by Phillips DVDR610 . The 24/48 digital master get final gain and fade in out on pc and mixed out to 24/48 for cloud and 16/44.1 for video . Do use the XP Windows movie maker to mix sounds recorded from camera with the cassette recording for video , kind of special effect
Old 14th June 2018
Lives for gear
zephonic's Avatar
All ITB since 2007.
Old 16th June 2018
hybrid. Imac with logic/tools, through SSL. hardware synths, and also an SSL Duality with many many toys.
Also running a macBookPro (2014) with an identical DAW setup and plugs for mobile.

Interfaces are SSL Alphalink MADI and some MOTU stuff.
Old 17th June 2018
Gear Head

Surface Pro 2 (Core i5 4200U, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 128GB microSD)
I/O - Zoom U24
Mix Monitoring - Presonus Eris 3.5, AKG K92
Mastering Monitors - Wharfedale Diamond Pro 8, AKG 92


Surface Pro 2, Analog Keys, Roli Seaboard Rise 25, Waldorf Rocket, Alesis SamplePad Pro
I/O - Analog Keys or Yamaha AG06 (depends what hardware my bandmate brings)

99% of everything we do is ITB. I've been doing this for more than 35 years and the quality of software instruments and effects is at the stage now where it blows every hardware set-up and every studio I could ever afford out of the water. Between us we have a lot of great hardware, from my Analog Keys and Ultranova to my bandmate's Korg Prophecy and Moog Subsequent 37cv but we only use the hardware on stage because none of it sounds any better than we can do ITB with software.

I used to buy a brand new, latest gen laptop every 12 months or so, because of an archaic notion that I needed my PCs to keep getting more and more powerful (it's also much easier to sell a year old laptop for good money, so it works out pretty cheap over time). Then I got a refurbished, ex-lease Surface Pro 2 last year for just over $200. It was supposed to replace my old Atom powered tablet, for doing tablet things, but I realised that it was well and truly powerful enough to run even our most demanding songs at the sort of latency we need to play live on stage. it's now my only PC and as we've been ramping up production for our next (5th) album, it has proven more than capable of handling everything we throw at it.

On stage there is very little interaction between the PC, which plays everything out of the sequencer live (nothing is pre-rendered), and our hardware. I change patches manually between songs and we don't sequence the hardware at all, we just play it (which is why I got the AK, not an A4). If I'm honest, we don't need the hardware, we're just used to having it and I suppose it makes us look more like actual musicians on stage (or maybe it makes it even more obvious that we're not?).
Old 17th June 2018
Gear Head
Home studio

Computer: Mac Pro
Interface: Symphony I/O Mk II
DAW: Logic Pro X, Live
Tracking: Preamps: BAE Neve 1073 (x2), API 512c (x2), Focusrite Red 1 500 (x2), Avalon M5, and U5 (Bass DI)
Tracking and Mixing OTB/Hybrid: Comps (all patched up): Tubetech CL1B, LA-3A reissue, Chandler TG1, Hairball 1176 Rev A (X2), Serpent splice (x2), Daking Fet II (X4), API 525 (X4), various other 500 pieces. On stereo bus: Dramastic Obsidian rack unit.
Mics: TLM103, various Rodes, and my new monster CU-29 telefunken.
Eqs: a number of 550A/Bs, AMS neve 1073s (x2), Maag Eq2 (x4), Kush electra 500 (x2), and a Tubetech clone of the EQP-1A.
Vocalbooth (3.5x3.5x8) to cut out the NY street noise.
Korg Kronos, Korg minilogue, Akai controller.
Avid S6 controller.
Mogami all the way.
UAD/waves/soundtoys/fabfilter/valhalla plugins
Focal cans and monitors
Yamaha second set of monitors
Old 17th June 2018
Lives for gear
proxy's Avatar


Mainly UAD and SoundToys, with some random extras (Waves, Klanghelm, Valhalla).

7 HW compressors on inserts, mainly color pieces.

Love the best of both worlds.
Old 17th June 2018
Hybrid setup - everything except synths and reverb/effects is ITB.

  • tracking/mixing/mastering: rme ufx/adi8ds & cubase, few mic and line pres, d.i.'s, guitar amps, reamp etc
  • midi and cv/gate: midex, expert sleepers silent way via adat optical
  • reverbs/effects: lexicons/eventides/tc/space echo/bbd etc via ufx i/o as sends/returns. do not print the bus effects, but simply record the final totalmix output back into daw. tons of analog insert effects pedals, mxr flangers, mutator, elkorus etc.
  • synth/keys: aside from kontakt and granular, it's all hardware: analogs , digitals, vintage, modular, rhodes etc
  • atc scm50 asl pro, fostex 6301B

that said, i am in a transition period towards a new daw computer, new audio interface etc. also a small otb setup which i intend to use for projects where time frame allows for it:
  • conversion/audio interface: just bought rme ufx+, still fumbling with usb3 cable lenght. next probably mytek8x192 madi or spl madisson.
  • mixer: heavily modded venice 320: carhnill/beyer/avedis bus/burrbrown. almost done, ironing out some quirks.
  • getting some hairball audio and capi stuff built soon.

Last edited by clusterchord; 17th June 2018 at 05:08 PM..
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