2 soundcards in 1 PC
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2 soundcards in 1 PC


I am wondering if it is easy to use 2 soundcars on 1 PC. The soundcards in question are: RME DIGI968/PRO which is a PCI-card, and M-Audio Profire Lightbridge, which connects to the computer through a firewire cable. We dont want to use the 2 soundcards simultaneosly. We use Cubase
Thanks in advance!!

Old 21st January 2007
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shouldn't be a problem. some hardware doesn't like to see other hardware connected..like the digi stuff..you can't use them at the same time but they can both be connected
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Still the best thing to do is to have 2 smililar cards to avoid driverissues (asio).
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I've used multiple cards without issues.

using simultaneously - but with differnt programs.

actually i usually have a second soundcard cheap for "System Default" for media player etc..
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So lets say for example, you can have Nuendo running using the MOTU HD 192s with the PCI 424 card, go through a summing box and then go into Cubase using a (Insert very high end converter and soundcard here) all on the same computer at the same time?
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