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Total back end production contract...
Old 29th August 2012
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Total back end production contract...

Hi guys! So, here's where I'm at...

I've engineered, played and produced at a professional standard since I left school aged 18 in Dublin.

Aged 26 now, living in Florida... I have found the most perfect talent. I've never put a microphone in front of someone with the talent that she possesses. We've worked together on pitch tracks and a couple of other projects over the past year and we're both focused and ready to record an album.

I will be a producer, assistant engineer and co-writer/ musician.

I've got my engineer working for back end points too, he owns the studio and has vast experience both engineering and mixing.

As well as that, I have session players back home that I'm using that I myself will be paying for their fees, and have reeled in a few favors from past colleges for a studio in dublin to track them in when I get over there in December.

So, we're in pre-production now. No money is changing hands. We're all very excited and know that this is a rarity... She's a very nice girl and we've promised each other that the paperwork won't turn things sour. But where do I start with this? Obviously +3 pts is not fair considering the amount of time, money resources I'm putting into this.

Let me reiterate, everyone involved are great people so it's not that splitting up points will be an issue, but we're gonna sit down and begin working stuff out soon and I'd love to hear your advice, past experience and the rest... Obviously an entertainment lawyer will be involved, but I want to have a grasp on things before a lawyer is involved.

I have a hand in all songs, rewriting melodies here and there and structural changes, along with writing counterpoint. However, I feel that's my job as a producer (ever evolving) the only songs I consider co-write are the songs I came up with that she's performing and helped finish writing.

Ok guys, help a gearslut out. We just want to know what you think the fairest thing to do is in this scenario so the artist, engineer (studio owner) and myself can all benefit and know we've been fair.

Kind regards. T
Old 30th August 2012
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You should set it up so that the expenses coming out of your pocket (paying for studio space, gear, session musicians) are reimbursed first thing. You are basically giving her an advance to record her album. After that, all revenue should be divided up in proportion to the contributions that you each make to the record. You're going to have to sit down and figure that out. Every arrangement is different. Since no one involved is a "name" yet, nobody really has any special leverage. The project is not going to take off on the basis of one person's involvement. You can go out and find a new singer and she can go out and find a new producer.

There are 3 of you, so the obvious starting point is 33/33/33 split. Ask yourself why one person might get more or less than that.
Old 31st August 2012
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Very true. When you say it like that it sounds simple! I just figured her being the product she'd make most out of this. Your idea is for sure a good starting point to begin discussing. Thanks for your input brotha
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Originally Posted by tommyhayes31 View Post
Very true. When you say it like that it sounds simple! I just figured her being the product she'd make most out of this. Your idea is for sure a good starting point to begin discussing. Thanks for your input brotha
She may be the product but you are the producer and songwriter as well. I am currently in the same situation as you are except. It's my room and I am engineering, producing and writing as well. She is writing as well and we are both doing some co writes. She is also an amazing singer.

On my songs that she is just singing on I will probably give her 30% on the stuff we do together it will be down the middle. I will leave it up to her on her songs. Honestly though we have a great working relationship and I am excited about working with this talent.
Old 2nd September 2012
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That's cool man! I really just want to get this stuff squared away before we get done with preproduction. It's getting to that time.

there are a few expenses and overheads - session player fees and high end microphone rental (for vocals, manley gold, most likely) and if we can, i'd like to master it to tape....

So, a lot of that money is going to be coming from me..probably all of it. So what's the best way to recoup that? off of whatever amount of first cd's sales it takes?
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