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Selling music in a digital world
Old 27th August 2012
Selling music in a digital world

Rubber, meet road.

Here is a free-- or let us at least say "freely accessible access to"-- a hot new song from the Chandler Travis Three-O, a snappy bluesy number called "Still Drink My Coffee Blue."

I Still Drink My Coffee Blue | Chandler Travis Philharmonic

Conventional wisdom, or really any wisdom at all, would say: "How could anyone think anyone would click the 'buy it now for $1' button??? Not when it's there for free!" I think... well, it's my impression even a few patrons of this forum might take that point of view, if only for the sake of argument.

So this is anyone prepared to predict that NOBODY will buy this song? Not nobody, not no how?
Old 27th August 2012
Here for the gear

I predict that someone with common sense, which still exists, will think, "I'd like to help this artist because I am thankful he/she gave me a free chance to preview their work!"

In summary, yes it will be bought if it is a good song. Not every consumer is an evil lizard looking to withhold money from musicians.
Old 28th August 2012
Cute song!

Did you record it?
Old 28th August 2012
Ain't it though? That particular incarnation is Ducky Carlisle's work (Ice Station Zebra.)

You can find my version at the 10:35 point of this 30:10 (!) video of their show this summer at Caffe Lena...

Old 28th August 2012
Here for the gear

Yet you managed to sell one for the team, Joel!
You're a fine human.

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Old 28th August 2012
Gear Maniac

People would buy it for the convenience of owning it versus having to go to a website everytime they want to listen to it. Most the CDs I buy lately are from bands I discover or hear about and listen to their songs via youtube or something where I can stream it for free; then I'll buy their albums even if I only know a few songs.
Old 28th August 2012
Here for the gear

I think this is the approach I'm going to adopt except rather than Bandcamp, I'm going to use a combination of Official FM and Vibedeck to host my player & shop.

My main criticism of Bandcamp is that you can only permit a certain number of free downloads per month (300 I think) after this you have to buy additional credits to allow more people to download for free. The good thing about Bandcamp is that you can sell physical goods; T-shirst etc.

Official FM beats Soundcloud as a player for sharing & free downloads and with Vibedeck I can host my shop AND they both take 0% commission, just PAYPAL fees to pay.

I think for small artists / first EPs & LPs it makes sense to at least offer one or two tracks for free.

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Gear Addict

Originally Posted by levelgain View Post
they both take 0% commission
How do they make money ?
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Here for the gear

Originally Posted by Dappolito View Post
How do they make money ?
I think with both they offer additional optional services; only the basic package is free. It wouldn't surprise me if they change the rules once they have enough people signed up.
Old 3rd September 2012
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If your wife lost her job and now expects you to sell your hit songs on the internet so she can live comfortably from the sales, then how to post songs for sale without using paypal (they have reasons) or avoiding expensive fees from other major shopping carts. Is there a code somewhere for those needing to sell their songs on their own websites?
Old 6th September 2012
Here for the gear

progression over time

It's hard enough to sell music and spread the word on upcoming bands/individuals. Music is adapting with times and instruments are no longer instruments but knobs and sliders to manipulate pitch, delay, etc. Is anyone against or for this rapid modern change? Plus the way we go about expressing music now a days, ipods, laptops, ipads, and more, all modern day twists. But how about traditional music? For example doing an symphony piece, but not with classical instruments but virtual ones, is this the same or a different experience? I want a view on someone else's opinion and ideas and to know what they think will happen in the future for our traditional music against technology.

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