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eddie.machete 18th August 2012 11:39 PM

Truth is Billy has been out of touch with himself since melloncollie. Theres no vitality to anything he wrote after that. It has all been "I need to write a song now". Paying the bills rock. Whatever. Ill still listen to the early stuff and up till melloncollie and enjoy songwriting at its most glorious expressive, life changing beautiful moments and enjoy it for what it is. I don't pay any attention to what he has to say nowadays.

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mrfortune 18th August 2012 11:50 PM

It's true but if you can get more then 10,000 dollars a show you really shouldn't complain about anything. He should be set by now and any money being made now is just to stack

rack gear 20th August 2012 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by Crowley (Post 8176188)
There is money in live music.

I wouldn't be so quick with that declaration.

rack gear 24th August 2012 12:28 AM

Billy Corgan Keynote: Sunset Sessions Rock 2012 by FMQB Productions on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Camera 24th August 2012 06:11 AM

Some people like to hear themselves talk.

AyA 24th August 2012 07:24 AM


Originally Posted by Camera (Post 8193737)
Some people like to hear themselves talk.

I totes have a sexy voice and when I hit the really bassy zone the rumbling in my head gives me a kind of high nothing else can... Like warm yummy contented self felating... I also like reading myself.

I read myself and I read others and I read myself then I write and speak.

It's called a self aggrandising circle jerk with a feedback loop inducing a bubble which expands until I die. Then it bursts and y'all get splattered.

Kind of like a toad who licked it's own back and keeps breathing in...

Muser 31st August 2012 04:10 PM

have a nice day