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Change Advice Needed
Old 4th September 2011
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Change Advice Needed

Hi Gearsluties,

I'm after some positive career advice by the right people and a friend told me about this place (can't believe how I didn't know). sorry.

I've come across a sort of fork in the road as to which way to turn in terms of a music career.

I'm a rock/hard rock singer and have a nice rock voice - I can come up with lyrics with ease but struggle to create a melody around the words and sometimes get frustrated by the fact that I can't do it.

Over the past two years I have been writing some trance music and find that I can come up with hard melodic progressions relatively easily, Plus I can DJ etc.

I suppose the question is with so many bands out there with great singers etc and the whole industry changing, making money, standing out from the crowd etc am I better pursuing a career in the dance arena or sticking to rock music. I know we hate talking about money but bills have to be paid.

I want to know which is probably better given my age (30) with the longevity of a career and obviously the chances of making some money from doing what I love. Please be honest in your responses as It will affect my decision.

Old 12th September 2011
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I am in a similar situation but less diverse. I really enjoy making sample based hip hop in the proper way (sampling). The first problem with this is sample clearance isn't cheap, and many artists are not willing to deal with the process, or don't know the process, even if they could afford it. The second problem is a large portion of the "rap" or "urban" music crowd finds this to be "dated" or "old school". The appeal is still there for many artists but it's limiting.

I also make "composed" instrumentals without using samples. This may sound very similar but in the end, I have a totally different style in sound, plus my creative process is much different. I still enjoy doing this but not as much.

In the end, I just do both. I keep enough non sampled material so that I can continue to sell non sampled instrumentals. Honestly, I am beginning to mesh the two together, either by trying harder to immulate my sampling style when playing, making my own songs to sample, etc. I also plan on picking up some old instruments I used to play and learning the basics of a few more.

In the end, I say do both and focus on both what you enjoy more, as well as what you think you can profit off of. In the end, it may be both. Maybe you will be like me and find a way to mesh the two, which will likely make you very distinctive. I say, just go with both and see where each takes you. I know that can take an incredible amount of time but it isn't hard when you account for it. Then start gravitating to the one that is putting money in your pocket.
Old 13th September 2011
Go where your chance of success is greater. It isn't even about making more money, but you want to make music and have people enjoy it/want it don't you?
I also agree with the above, nothing is stopping you from doing both, just so long as one genre (your best bet) doesn't suffer.
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