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Everything Will Be Corp Sponsored Funding...
Old 17th August 2012
Originally Posted by rack gear View Post
looks to me everything is already corp sponsored funding, even if illegally so...

Dead Kennedy’s Exploited by Charter, Blizzard, Alaska Airlines and 1-800Flowers | The Trichordist

this is about money, pure and simple. now brands can benefit from artists and bands and literally pay them nothing...
This is utterly disgusting. I know the DKs and believe me, they're not rich by any means.
Old 17th August 2012
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This basically tells you how consumers are now being monitored in real time.
software tracks their changing desires and attitudes and emotions and then,
communities in social media which are either, populated by (or) set up by corporations,
activate either 'active brand advocates/brand perception employees' (or)
'sleeper advocates/unaware everyday social people' to become part of an invisible sales force.

This technique is basically going to implant a brand dirrectly into peoples social and personal identity.
That means, that soon when you attack a brand or product, you'll be seen as someone
who just attacked a community or person. This actually already exists but mainly
as a personal instict to support ones own purchasing decissions.

The only hope is that people understand what is (actually) going on here.
an emotional unaware consumer is much more use to the corporate world than,
an aware intelligent consumer. The dialogue that Musicians and Artists need to engage in
is to wake the consumer from this kind of unconscious sleep. Then they might
respect Artists and realize their own Artistic and creative potential as also having some (real) value.

you can see here how these marketers take on popular concepts and terms like (social activist)
but their view of activating the social world is totally different than anyone elses.
using terms like "Hey!! I'm a social activist too .. cool" will make unaware consumers
become friends of what are effectively, highly organized sales and marketing teams.
and you'll be hard pushed to distinguish who's who any longer.

This is HP so it's cutting edge. HP purchased Autonomy corporation recently
Autonomy do technology for add bidding networks (and) end to end marketing
by tracking and understanding consumers activity and posts online. they also are
developing augmented reality. no wonder HP is getting out of hardware.

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