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Do artists get paid for samples?
Old 16th March 2010
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Do artists get paid for samples?

I was discussing music/technology with my wife and the subject of using samples as loops from other famous and popular songs arose and she asked if artists get paid for those loops. To be honset I just have always assumed that they did,but after further consideration, I have to admit that I don't know the answer.

So,could/would somebody post links to some articles that discuss this issue at greater length,or perhaps if you know,you could just explain what you do know...... make sense?

Thanks. I am just curious.

Old 16th March 2010
You would seek sample clearance.
You are effectively sampling a composition and a recording.
Your fee to use the sample might go to a band, but just as likely go to the main writer (member of the band), plus whoever paid for the recording, often a record company, may get a slice.

Any musicians working on a freelance basis (paid with a session fee) are unlikely to see any money.

My drumming has been sampled several times, but as I was just on the session I've received no money. The likelihood is that the artist i was working for saw the fee.
Old 16th March 2010
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only the writer/publisher/label see any money from sample clearance fees. If the artist is not either of them, they won't see a penny. If you replay the sample, only the writer/publisher fee is necessary.
Old 17th March 2010
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You must make two clearances - the publishing side and the master use sample side. Both sides earn from this not just the writing side. If you replay the sample - only the writing side gets money, as mentioned above. But if the actually recording is used - as is often the case- then the recording side gets paid too..... all counts as recorded earning from a piece.
Old 19th April 2010
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Old 20th April 2010
narcoman's Avatar more addition. As it's a clearance for derivative work then he publisher/writer may INSIST upon original recording use under MFN. Not always - but it happens here quite a bit!
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