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band makes $10,000 in 48 Hours (without a label)
Old 20th November 2009
Old 20th November 2009
Jules -

I love you man - but I don't know about this.

1) how many people are going to spend $100 per band?

2) without sales verification I think these numbers could be highly suspect (they are from Chicago afterall LOL!).

as much as I appreciate your enthusiasm for new models, and DIY - and - as much as I respect this band/dude for the effort (good for them) I just don't know how sustainable a model like that is...

what I do think is smart about it however, is giving the early adopters something special - like they're angel financiers... that part is cool, the rest seems suspect.
Old 20th November 2009
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It looks interesting, but in a big scale means that if you like 10 bands you need to spend in advance 1000 $. And what if i dont like the second album?

I think a band needs to keep updating the story during the years, as Chris Blackwell from island records said. You need to motivate people every month and every year.

Old 20th November 2009
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I found it very interesting, this guys are reading the music 2.0 thing. I'm not saying is the ultimate method, but a great example of what can be done.
Old 21st November 2009
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i suspect another "band makes X thousand dollars" marketing campaign backed by something like Icebreaker.... why do these things turn up every few months?

well - time will tell. Hope its real.
Old 21st November 2009
Just a news item!

As usual look behind hype for substance and worth!
Old 24th November 2009
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It's working for them. I just watched this band with a major label A&R who loved the band and the show. They have a strong niche fan base and they put on a show synced with a nintendo controller. It's completely bizarre and unique and it attracts a unique crowd of loyal fans.
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