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Turn your computer into a powerful digital audio workstation with eight mic inputs. Or add eight high-quality mic/instrument inputs to your current system. The 8pre audio interface delivers everything you need to turn your computer into a powerful 24-bit, 96kHz digital audio workstation. The 8pre provides eight microphone/instrument preamps with pristine 96kHz analog recording and playback, combined with 8 channels of ADAT optical digital I/O. Expand your system by connecting additional 8pres or other MOTU audio interfaces. The 8pre as your primary audio interface Use the included CueMix™ software to mix all 16 inputs from your computer. Eight channels of ADAT optical I/O make the 8pre an ideal companion for a digital mixer. Two ADAT lightpipe connections work together to support a full 8 channels of optical digital I/O at any sample rate up to 96kHz. Connect all of your studio gear, including microphones, guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines and even effects processors. Then monitor all of these live inputs via the 8pre’s main outs or headphone jack — with virtually no monitoring latency and no processor drain on your computer. You can even create separate monitor mixes for the main outs and headphones. Control everything, including talk-back and listen-back, from the included CueMix Console™ software, just like a large studio console. The 8pre includes a 16-channel MIDI interface. Simply connect the 8pre to your computer with any USB cable, and both MIDI and audio are ready to go. Connect any MIDI device, such as a controller keyboard, synth module, automated control surface or drum machine. Timing is sample-accurate with supporting software. The 8pre provides cross-platform compatibility with Mac OS X (10.6 or higher), Windows (8/7/Vista) and all of your favorite audio software and host-based effects via WDM/ASIO/Core Audio drivers. Or you can use the included AudioDesk workstation software for Mac OS, with 24-bit recording/editing and 32-bit mixing/processing/mastering. The 8pre is really two products in one. When it is not connected to a computer via USB, the 8pre functions as an eight-channel analog to digital (optical) converter. Connect the 8pre to your MOTU 828, 896, Traveler or even another 8pre via the optical “lightpipe” connection to add eight high-quality microphone pre-amps to your system. Since the connection is digital, 100% pristine sound is maintained, down to the very last sample. The 8pre is the perfect way to instantly add eight more mic inputs to any audio interface or digital mixer with optical I/O. If you have a MOTU interface with on-board CueMix DSP mixing, such as the 828 (mkII or mk3), 896 (HD or mk3) or Traveler (original or mk3), the 8pre inputs appear directly in the host interface's CueMix mixer to becomes a transparent extension of your system, operating together with your primary interface as a single, integrated unit — even when the host interface is not connected to a computer and is instead operating as a stand-alone mixer. If you have an 828mk3, 896mk3, 2408mk3, digital mixer or other audio device that supports 96kHz optical and also has two optical inputs, the 8pre connects to it via both optical ports to provide a full eight channels of analog to optical conversion at the 88.2 or 96kHz sample rates.


Audio interfaces and their AD/DA chips LISTED

...main outs MOTU 2408 mk3 AKM AK4528VF MOTU 828mk3 TI PGA2500,CS5364 8in CS5368, volume CS3308 8out AK4358 AK4382 MAIN AK4396 MOTU 8pre AK5385 AK4382 MOTU HD192 AK5394 MOTU 896HD AKM 5385 Motu Ultralite: AK4620AVF Motu Traveller: A/D AK5385AVS, sorry no info for D/a METRIC HALO Mobile I/O 2882?DSP A/D AK5383 D/A AK4393 ULN2: A/D...

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UA Apollo First Look (user review)

Congrats. I know how you feel. I came from a MOTU 8pre through a digi 002 console to the Apollo Quad. New monitors and several new mics (new to me anyway...friend in the biz dialed me in on some experienced pieces) plus a ton of DIY room treatment has resulted in...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

... * PC running Ableton 10 (Apple is dead to me. R.I.P.: Firewire, Mac Pro and a reliable OSX) * Clarett 8Pre USB * Yamaha MX88 * Deepmind 12 (primary midi controller also) * DSI / Oberheim OB6 Desktop * Novation Peak * Sennheiser HD 600 headphones * Mackie MC 250 headphones (great closed back headphones for the price)...

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