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The MOTU 2408mk3 PCIe audio interface offers DAW users with what is easily one of the best-sounding all-round recording, mixing, and monitoring solutions available. The MOTU 2408mk3 not only offers highly value-packed expandability, but also lets you easily combine your legacy hardware with newest additions as well. From the eight channels of super-quiet 96kHz analog ins, to the 24 channels of digital I/O including ADAT, TDIF, S/PDIF, and word clock, the MOTU 2408mk3 is a true studio workhorse.


The Ultimate Converter DA/AD Loopback Shootout Thread!

...list is unconfirmed. Consider what will be most versatile for you right now allowing some future proofing etc. I went for the 2408 MkIII as no pre amp coloring, just faithful conversion quality. Found one used in mint condition but when I was looking the Motu interfaces push above their price rate new as they are...

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Windows 10 is rolling out... share your experiences here

...the Shure requires something like 60db+ of amplification (I forget exact level required). That pre goes right into my MOTU 2408mk3. I used to use a cloudlifter as well, but found it unnecessary if I cranked everything on the m101. YMMV. I do keep the HPF engaged on the m101 because I have a...

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Motu 2408 MK3 and 828 MK2: Best way to sync?

ADAT sync rides the lightpipe output cable of the master, to the lightpipe input of the slave. There's a bit of weirdness with MOTU, in that they offer a different sync option, "ADAT sync" using a 9 pin cable, which is NOT what you're trying to accomplish here, its just a confusing name they happened to...

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