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The new reproductions of the Moog Synthesizer IIIc will be completely built according to circuit board files, documentation and art of the original synthesizer. Built by hand in the Moog Factory in Asheville, North Carolina, the IIIc will feature 36 modules, including ten 901-Series audio oscillators, the 905 Spring Reverb and the 948 Matrix Mixer. The original Moog Synthesizer IIIc has had a lasting impact on the music world that is still being felt 50 years after its initial release. These synthesizers were hand-assembled by Dr. Robert Moog and his team of ten workers in Trumansburg, New York and used by visionary musicians to create otherworldly music. Classic records like Switched on Bach and Snowflakes Are Dancing are a direct product of the genius of Moog and the Synthesizer IIIc. In reflecting on Moog's past and the creation of the Synthesizer IIIc, the design team at the storied brand has been inspired. "“Through archival designs, so-called obsolete electronics, and outmoded production processes, we are rediscovering the magic of our past," says Moog Music Production Engineer Anna Montoya. "It’s a privilege to build instruments in this way; it lets us reimagine what future tools can be. There is so much potential in this history.” For complete specs of the Moog Music Synthesizer IIIc reproduction, please continue reading below. If you're interested in pre-ordering one of these 25 units, please email us or contact us by phone at 888.653.1184. Moog Music Synthesizer IIIc Specifications: • Entire system recreated using original documentation, circuit board and art files and traditional manufacturing techniques. • 36 hand-stuffed, hand-soldered modules custom mounted and hand-wired in two handcrafted, solid walnut cabinets. • 10x discrete 901 series oscillators • 905 Spring Reverb module • 4x CP3 mixers • 984 4-channel Matrix Mixer • 100% discrete design • Only 25 Moog Synthesizer IIIc will be handcrafted and sold worldwide Modules Included In The Moog Music Synthesizer IIIc • 1x 901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator • 3x 901A Oscillator Controllers • 9x 901B Oscillators • 3x 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers • 1x 903A Random Signal Generator • 1x 904A Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter • 1x 904B Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter • 1x 904C Filter Coupler •1x 905 Reverberation Unit • 3x 911 Envelope Generators • 1x 911A Dual Trigger Delay • 1x 912 Envelope Follower • 1x 914 Extended Range Fixed Filter Bank • 1x 984 Four Channel Mixer • 1x 992 Control Voltage/Attenuator Panel • 1x 993 Trigger & Envelope Voltages Panel • 4x Console Panel No. 3, each including: • 4-input mixer with + and – outputs • 2 Trunklines • Control Voltage Switches • Attenuator • Click Filter • 1x Console Panel No. 2 including: • Lowpass and Highpass Filters • Jack Multiples • 3 Control Voltage and Trigger Outputs • 1x Console Panel No. 8 including • Power Switch • 1x 350 Watt 120 VAC or 230 VAC Switch Selectable Power Supply


The Moog Synthesizer IIIc returns to production

...that would radically change the landscape of music. Fifty years later, we are proud to announce the return of the Moog Synthesizer IIIc to production for a very limited time. Every Synthesizer IIIc will be built using all-original documentation, art, and circuit board files. Moog Synthesizer IIIc production is highly limited. Only 25 units will be...

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What to get instead of Voyager XL

Ahem, well. It's a beauty. It's "needable". Club of the Knobs Synthesizer IIIc clone.

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Moog announces Synthesizer IIIp - $35,000

Maybe they decided that this one made with SMT sounded too awful then: Kidding. :)

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