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The Memorymoog is a polyphonic electronic music synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music from 1981–85, the last polyphonic synthesizer to be released by Moog Music before the company was sold to management and renamed Moog Electronics. The Memorymoog is a 6 voice polyphonic synthesizer. It has 3 VCOs per voice, giving the option of pulse sawtooth, triangle waveforms, or any combination of those. The LFO offers triangle, pulse, sin and square waveforms. The Filter is a 24 dB/Oct lowpass and offers control over an ADSR envelope per voice. There's a Sample and hold circuit. The synth was controllable trough CV and Gate. The keyboard has 61 keys. There are 100 user assignable patches in the memory.


Moog One - old HUGE thread, a member of the Illuminati said “ive seen it and it ooks like a modernized version of the memorymoog. Very sleek and beautiful with aluminum and wood. Black panels and buttons/knobs similar to the subsequent 37.”

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Moog One

...rare birds.. My One is now sitting at the center of my studio next to a CS80, a P5 rev 2, Memorymoog, Model D Musonics, Prophet VS, Sunsyn, Synthi A, Oberheim TVS, Buchla 200 etc.. and it is holding its own against all these fine synths that I have bought and kept over two decades. It...

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Baloran ‘The River’ Synthesizer

That is an excellent point. Very rare opportunity has unfolded.

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