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The Little Phatty is the next great thing to emerge from the revitalized Moog Music synthesizer company. It is sort of a notch below the Voyager, but should not really be categorized as such because the Little Phatty is a powerful synth with a layout and design that looks less into the past and more towards the future. The Little Phatty boasts a 100 percent analog signal path, 100 user editable presets and a 37-note keyboard. It is a monophonic synth with two oscillators (the Voyager has three osc). Waveform selector is continuously variable between waveforms (tri, saw, square, pulse) and there is oscillator-sync. The filter is the classic Moog ladder design. Two ADSR envelope generators are available for the volume and the filter. And finally a nice LFO with six waveshapes, four destinations and rate/depth controls helps to get things moving. The 'Master' section of the keyboard has controls for Tuning, +/-2 Octave Transpose, Glide, Pitch/Mod wheels and some data entry controls. There are no on-board sequencers or effects, however. Moog Little Phatty Image The interface couldn't be simpler and despite the minimized number of buttons and knobs, there are no hidden pages or sub-layers of button functions - all controls are still very hands-on and provide excellent visual feedback via two-tone back-lit buttons, dials and pitch bend / mod wheels. Beautiful, hand-built, simple, effective, powerful - classic Moog design. The Little Phatty is designed to offer a 21st century analog Moog synthesizer in a compact portable package and at a price every musician can afford. The standard edition is the Stage model. Moog initially released a special, limited edition run of 1,200 individually numbered Bob Moog Tribute Edition synths. The limited run, Tribute Edition of the Little Phatty has special Moog wood side panels, a Bob Moog signature plate across the front and rear, comes with a CD-ROM featuring highlights of the Bob Moog Memorial Celebration Service and a special Bob Moog poster.


What's in your analog synth collection??????

- Prophet 08 Module PE - Doepfer Dark Energy - Moog Little Phatty Stage II with CP-251 & MF101,102,103 - Waldorf Pulse +

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

... Eurocrack, however, is not a moneypit I need right now! Noises: Elektron Analog Four, Analog RYTM, Roland MKS-50, System 1, TR-8, Moog Little Phatty Stage II, X0XB0X enhanced* Korg MS20 mini, Monotron Delay, Yamaha CS01, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators. *reso boost and pot, envelope x 3, vca mod and pot, muffler, note on switch and push button, accent increase on pot...

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Moog Style Synths: What are your thoughts?

I have a Moog Little Phatty Stage II plus four Slim Phattys in a polychain set-up. The LP/SP really nails that Moog ladder-filter sound. I also have a Studio Electonics SE-1. While also having a very Moog-like ladder-filter vibe (plus, an SEM-style filter), the SE-1 has a slightly non-Moog sounding metallic after-taste. Been forever...

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