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Grid is an open, interactive instrument that allows the user to imagine and define its function. It's a desktop panel with 16 x 8 backlit keys — bright warm white light two-tone aluminum assembly — usb powered 10.2" x 5.4" x 0.6" It provides tactile and visual feedback. decoupled by design. clear response and intuitive play. when you push a key the input data is sent to the computer (or module, considered a tiny computer). the computer considers this, then perhaps sends back some light data, or changes a sound. use is determined by the chosen application running on the computer: sequencer, sample cutter, tone map, polyrhythm machine are just a few of the many possibilities, and we’ve put together studies to help you create your own.


Help me decide on hardware

...been looking at: Roland SP-404SX/A Elektron Digitakt Native Instruments Maschine (I’m aware this needs software in some cases) Korg Volca Sample Korg Electribe Monome Grid (meets req B and C but not A) Midi Fighter (also meets req B and C but not A) MPC 500/1000 Any other suggestions? What are you guys’ opinions? I’m a college student so the least money I can spend...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...a track-based midi editor type, such as the Cirklon or Pyramid (speaking only about hardware here). The grid based sequencers are better at monophonic lines. The Seq and the Matrixbrute sequencers actually share a LOT in common. You can in fact use the Matrixbrute as (merely) a...

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Is the Polyend Seq worth $999 USD?

...and I could neither record in sync from nor to it, also their support couldn't help. Got myself a Monome Grid 256 instead and am very happy with it

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