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Aleph is an adaptable soundcomputer where synthesis, drum machines, samplers, loopers, and various other possibilities can be implemented with creative mapping and numerous external control methods-- attach via USB (grid controllers, knob boxes, MIDI keyboards, gamepads), CV (control voltage for modular synths, foot switches, etc) and computers. simply put, aleph is a small audio input/output device with a screen, bank of buttons, and series of encoders/knobs. it has the ability to host and run a variety of programs created by both monome and the user based community surrounding. new applications will be developed, documented and shared over time. elaborate mappings can be created without writing code by way of an easy menu driven environment and a thorough preset system.


The Organelle - like the pocket piano w/ pd

...and being able to process two sounds at the same time. I wish it was more in design with the Monome Aleph - more knobs, no attempt at a keyboard - but i understand wanting to keep with the aesthetic

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Where can I find the Monome Aleph?

Interesting looks like Tehn has given the go ahead for the board run: Building some Monome Aleph any interest? - Trade - lines

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Why isn't Nord making a next gen Modular to interface w/ modular hardware

Haven't heard about the monome aleph , how long has this been out ? Is an (original ) monome required ? Seems verry interesting.

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