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MA-201fet The MA-201fet is a large diaphragm, phantom-powered, solid-state condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern. With its roots in a lineage of microphone designs by David Royer, the MA-201fet gives warm, full-bodied reproductions of vocals and instruments, with none of the shrillness and high frequency distortion artifacts that are often encountered with modern condenser microphones. Utilizing a 3-micron gold-sputtered capsule, high-quality Jensen audio transformer, military-grade FET and custom designed low-noise resistors, the MA-20fet performs at a level reminiscent of some of the best loved classic condenser microphones. Each MA-201fet microphone is carefully tested and evaluated, then packaged in its protective case with a professional grade shockmount.


Mojave MA-201 Fet vs AT4047?

I'm curious how the Mojave MA-201 Fet compares to the AT4047. I've already got a 4047, but I don't have any experience with the Mojave. Anyone used both or done a direct comparison? I'd be curious to hear some sound samples of the MA-201 if there are any floating around out...

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Show me your low end room

...I use a couple times a year. The cases under the desk are a pair of Mojave MA-200s, a Mojave MA-201 and a Neumann KM-141. This picture is of my new computer (MacMini Server i7 with 2 SSDs and 16GB RAM) with my Digidesign 192. The other boxes are my chassis and a disc drive....

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Onboard EQ 1073 vs dedicated EQ vs softare EQ

...Pearlman TM-1), snare top (Shure Unidyne III), snare bottom (AKG C451E), hi hat (Neumann KM-140), toms (Sennheiser MD-421s), overheads (Mojave MA-201's) and rooms (black Pearlman TM-1's) are all Brent Averill Neve repro's and Neve 3104's (overheads). I have just been loving the drum tracks I have been recording lately!

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