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Announcement: ICYMI: Win a Slate Digital VRS bundle! Whitecat
2nd December 2020 Views: 667
Views: 667
2nd December 2020
Announcement: Cyber Week 2020 Whitecat
27th November 2020 Views: 1,537
Views: 1,537
27th November 2020
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Avatar for fiddlestickz

Look I don't know if this will work, and yes there have been quite a few modular threads here lately, but I'd like a one off...

replies: 937 views: 113,527
Avatar for pekbro
pekbro 9 hours ago
Avatar for Derp

Because porn is nice, but sometimes you just want to see how your neighbor is doing...

replies: 525 views: 65,453
Avatar for SkyWriter
SkyWriter 2 days ago
Avatar for Hokut

Hi, What do you guys think about a thread dedicated to videos of your modular synth music? Simply post your YouTube or other...

replies: 426 views: 46,002
Avatar for yalivec
yalivec 2 days ago
Avatar for Derp

I kind of think the monthly format used in EMI&EMP is a bit too cumbersome, so how about one master thread to show off your...

replies: 2,607 views: 156,389
Avatar for studio460
studio460 3 days ago
Avatar for Derp

Per suggestion by mutilatedlip If you cool cats can think of anything else that needs to be added to this post, please let me...

replies: 100 views: 12,629
Avatar for pekbro
pekbro 21st August 2020
Avatar for Maffez

To de-clutter the main thread and kich off some modding endeavours, here some info on modding your Böhrindja TD3 box. I hope...

replies: 638 views: 69,535
Avatar for Maffez
Maffez 5 hours ago
Avatar for justjools

I wanted to ask your advice on daisy chaining power bus supplies. I have 2 rows using Uzeus powered by a Tip Top boost 3A power...

replies: 2,250 views: 86,590
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 6 hours ago
Avatar for Audiorange

The new Flux from IO Labs is a monster trigger sequencer: Please check my channel for more clips.

replies: 28 views: 483
Avatar for blipson
blipson 6 hours ago
Avatar for studio460

MODULARGRIDS HERE.] So far, I've got two rows, and already stuff is starting not to fit. I will be using three standard 84hp...

replies: 115 views: 1,616
Avatar for studio460
studio460 6 hours ago
Avatar for Monotrail

Hi everyone, I decided to make a new thread with a broad title as I like to share these video's with you all, but don't want to...

replies: 6 views: 297
Avatar for EvgenyStudio
EvgenyStudio 7 hours ago
Avatar for ArtFluids

Has anyone made a kick drum module that captures that Arp 2600 kick that Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke used? It's more than just...

replies: 7 views: 231
Avatar for ArtFluids
ArtFluids 11 hours ago
Avatar for Aleque

Hi all I need some help please. I got obsessed with a simple piece of music playing in this video, mainly because of the...

replies: 0 views: 56
Avatar for Aleque
Aleque 18 hours ago
Avatar for TWolf11

Hi, I have a couple of Eurorack FX modules that I would like to supply with different control voltages, especially the Clouds...

replies: 4 views: 105
Avatar for Derp
Derp 20 hours ago
Avatar for Zambeste

Hi all ! I want to make a modular system based on Moog clones made by Behringer, but the biggest problem came from where I...

replies: 1 views: 69
Avatar for Derp
Derp 20 hours ago
Avatar for 7Wave

I'm getting ready to build a Behringer System 100 and I had a question. Am I missing something, or is there any good reason to...

replies: 3 views: 259
Avatar for Derp
Derp 21 hours ago
Avatar for j.frad

Hi everyone, Apologies if I wasn't sharp enough to find the answer to this, I did do a search! I am building a...

replies: 3 views: 125
Avatar for Derp
Derp 21 hours ago
Avatar for logicfuzzy

Hello all! I’m new to eurorack, I’m a vocalist looking for ethereal vocal and piano cascades as background tracks for my...

replies: 1 views: 74
Avatar for Derp
Derp 21 hours ago
Avatar for The Weirdo

Just ordered the Tape and Microsound Music Machine. I do a lot of chopping samples up, and I got really attracted to the idea of...

The Weirdo
replies: 6 views: 168
Avatar for Derp
Derp 21 hours ago
replies: 937 views: 69,426
Avatar for SkyWriter
SkyWriter 21 hours ago
Avatar for Uli Behringer

Hello everyone, as you are aware, many of our synthesizers such as Model D, Neutron, Pro-1 etc. have been designed to be used as...

Uli Behringer
replies: 1,368 views: 148,755
Avatar for ArtFluids
ArtFluids 1 day ago
Avatar for Derp

I didn't realize just how cheap this thing was. Does anyone have one and able to report back on their thoughts on it?

replies: 18 views: 1,907
Avatar for Derp
Derp 1 day ago
Avatar for BigPapaBear

Hi all! I only have "conventional" LFOs in my rack, but would like to LFOs that can be modulated without routing...

replies: 9 views: 193
Avatar for Derp
Derp 2 days ago
Avatar for Reptil

So, after Superbooth (which was nuts) I stuck around and visited ACL, a eurorack manufactering company in Berlin. They make high...

replies: 4 views: 1,367
Avatar for willem1958
willem1958 3 days ago
Avatar for Eigenwert

Hi, I tried various kick drum modules. However I recently found out that patching my own kick drums is the way to go as it...

replies: 15 views: 412
Avatar for chrisso
chrisso 1 week ago
Avatar for Maffez

Hi folks, In order not to clutter the main thread I decided to start an RD8 DIY Modifications thread here, partly for the sake...

replies: 231 views: 24,069
Avatar for funktrip714
funktrip714 1 week ago
Avatar for flextone

Hi, I was never big on modular and tried to avoid getting into it, but I find myself drawn to the idea of building up a...

replies: 17 views: 277
Avatar for gminorcoles
gminorcoles 1 week ago
Avatar for Rooftree

A new Moog will hit the streets soon!! I'm at the Knobcon synth convention in Schaumburg (Chicago). Moog has a little side...

replies: 1,623 views: 303,043
Avatar for tomylee
tomylee 1 week ago
Avatar for NY___

An interesting concept as an addition to how trackers work. There are only a few modular trackers out there.. Nerdseq, Polyend,...

replies: 3 views: 124
Avatar for wavejockey
wavejockey 1 week ago
Avatar for NY___

So I realize the Erica synths threads about the "Black Sequencer" have been heavy. FOR A YEAR AT LEAST. Lets merge all...

replies: 4 views: 235
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 1 week ago
Avatar for hoffy

Hi All, I want to send CV from my Mutable Instruments Grids module into the MIDI input of my drum machines. What is the best...

replies: 4 views: 110
Avatar for Bignatius
Bignatius 1 week ago
Avatar for Maffez

Hey, Have any Boog owners started poking around in their D for expanding connectivity? Haven't found any posts on this, so...

replies: 445 views: 51,982
Avatar for SkyWriter
SkyWriter 1 week ago
Avatar for studio460

Waldorf KB37 : I just ordered a Waldorf KB37 from Thomann at a great price. In reaction to the spate of "WTF are...

replies: 22 views: 616
Avatar for Synthetica
Synthetica 1 week ago
Avatar for Sebastian N

OK, so this might be my personal issue. But the eurorack mixer game is really weak. there's a couple of the big players (befaco,...

Sebastian N
replies: 106 views: 3,503
Avatar for Niamac
Niamac 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Motion

I came across this at a UK retailer but nothing on Rossum's site I can find (or elsewhere when I search) but only this detail and...

replies: 5 views: 273
Avatar for NY___
NY___ 2 weeks ago
Avatar for NY___

Not sure if this has been mentioned that a very special engineer passed away named Chris Huggett. Engineered the original WASP...

replies: 3 views: 208
Avatar for pekbro
pekbro 2 weeks ago
Avatar for MateM

Hello, this is my first post. I am interested in adding polyphony (it can also be paraphony) to my eurorack system. I already...

replies: 11 views: 465
Avatar for NY___
NY___ 2 weeks ago
Avatar for RiF

I just wanted to let you know that Exploding Shed is doing a virtual DIY workshop where you can build a Befaco STMix. I attended...

replies: 0 views: 125
Avatar for RiF
RiF 2 weeks ago
Avatar for vcs3_pt

I'm think of buying a Behringer Eurorack Stand 3-Tier to place a Model D and a Neutron, my problem is that the Model D is 70 HP...

replies: 6 views: 209
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Reptil

This just in: Initial reports...

replies: 189 views: 26,999
Avatar for Spyart
Spyart 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Martin1971

This was just posted on FB:

replies: 129 views: 8,482
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 2 weeks ago
Avatar for donutschool

I'm thinking of getting a new digital multimeter to investigate various issues with v/oct tracking, module calibration and some...

replies: 30 views: 568
Avatar for donutschool
donutschool 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Derp

Apparently they're floating this idea on their Facebook group. Like the article says, best guess is it's just the...

replies: 3 views: 206
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 2 weeks ago
Avatar for dv3v3

Hello! so ive been working on this case for a while on modulargrid and just wanted to share it with you and maybe get some inputs...

replies: 10 views: 484
Avatar for Sebastian N
Sebastian N 3 weeks ago
Avatar for NY___

Over a week ago, Emilie of "Mutable Instruments" released an "extended firmware" for the module...

replies: 11 views: 512
Avatar for NY___
NY___ 3 weeks ago
Avatar for ecotech

Has anyone experienced a problem with the Moog Matriarch sequencer starting one beat after a measure begins (if you're sending...

replies: 1 views: 130
Avatar for Derp
Derp 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Zambeste

Hi all ! Did anyone have the opportunity to compare the two synthesizers mentioned in the title? I would be interested to know...

replies: 0 views: 147
Avatar for Zambeste
Zambeste 3 weeks ago
Avatar for dv3v3

Hello! SO im working on this case in modulargrid for a couple of weeks and start to feel kind of comfortable with the result,...

replies: 1 views: 144
Avatar for ambiguous signal
ambiguous signal 3 weeks ago
Avatar for E.Huarez

Hello folks ;-) As my search wasn´t successful so far, maybe someone here could tell me what kind of system is shown here...

replies: 0 views: 171
Avatar for E.Huarez
E.Huarez 3 weeks ago
Avatar for autoy

Oh my! Not sure if real yet but it sure looks like a good idea.

replies: 448 views: 62,908
Avatar for tpugsley
tpugsley 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Syn303

I have two Eurorack cases both 3U, one is 56hp and the other is 104hp, plus i have 9 modules to fill them. Is it okay to bridge...

replies: 8 views: 235
Avatar for SkyWriter
SkyWriter 4 weeks ago
Avatar for hcppp

I posted this here, as although it is in breadboard (beta) stage, it will be turned into a module at a later stage in time and...

replies: 9 views: 397
Avatar for hcppp
hcppp 4 weeks ago
Avatar for brkn_syntax

Hey Guys, I've recently been on a lockdown shopping spree and have bought a novation circuit and a behringer crave. Having...

replies: 1 views: 166
Avatar for Derp
Derp 4 weeks ago
Avatar for James Meeker

So, I sold my Prophet 5 in order to purchase a Buchla Music Easel. Been wanting to get into Buchla synthesis for some time...

James Meeker
replies: 280 views: 33,167
Avatar for Carl Freeland
Carl Freeland 4 weeks ago
Avatar for orangecaruption

I'd like to bring in some recorded vocal samples or line level synths into my Eurorack system and wondering what are some good...

replies: 22 views: 596
Avatar for studio460
studio460 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Derp

I just took it off my wishlist. I'd love one, but we haven't heard anything about this in ages, and to my knowledge, there...

replies: 86 views: 12,686
Avatar for blushresponse
blushresponse 4 weeks ago


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