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Old 25th September 2017
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Hi everyone! And welcome

Please use the tags when starting a thread, these may come in handy later!
Modular - Eurorack
Modular - Other Formats
Modular - Software
Modular - Events
Modular - DIY

Here's the Derp unit of measurement for your eurocrack.

Here's a few general links:
Electronic Music Instruments & Electronic Music Production forum Everything electronic except modular
Forum Guidelines Please give it a read?
Gear Reviews All kinds of gear. Indepth reviews by users!
Label & Industry offers All kinds of deals - mostly related to electronic and dance music
Post your electronic music here Tunes from you or another gearslut
Classifieds Buy and sell, and post your Ebay and Reverb links to advertisements
New Product Alert! Manufacturers please go here for product releases and/or updates?
Electronic Music Q+A Archive The Archive of our Q&A sessions. Each has an introduction of the featured Artist's music as well.

In this forum:
learn to modular (synthesis) Basic knowledge, tricks and tips
modular porn pictures The sexy stuff, naked
modular grid Overview of the positions of modules using the ModularGrid system
Videos Videos of you playing a modular
DIY General Knowledge Thread Check this before beginning your first build?
Our favorite artists, songs using modular synths Favorites and modular heroes.
Chit chat Chit Chat
Serge (mess!?!?)

Starting out with modular synthesizers? Here's some threads about diving into eurorack (will be updated):
@ Septik 's Guide: link to document
Modular Basics and Newbie How-To
Eurorack with MicroBrute???? (starter system questions)
Modular? Eurorack?? Please explain...
First filter module for eurorack novice
Getting into Eurorack
Module types to add to neutron, first eurorack adventure
500€ (or $) first modular rig ideas
Eurorack Module Suggestions

Here's a map of (almost) all Eurorack manufacturers: link to map

Hope you have fun!

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