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thumbsup For live situation no monitoring to the band just me running 16 channels of firewire what would be comfortable specs for...

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hrasco 3rd January 2006
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I am just beginning a new adventure in mobile recording. I have in possession a 24' box truck for my start. I am going to build...

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Remoteness 2nd January 2006
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I've spent about 3 hours now going through the forums looking for information about the best PC recording interfaces that have...

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smoore98 30th December 2005
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I've been considering the MOTU Traveler. It looks like the right size for me. I need about 2-4 inputs with AES and SPDIF I/O,...

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Rogervandeberg 22nd December 2005
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how would you make a kit for live recording if you would have to build it around a pro tools 24 and a G3 with 512 ram? This kit...

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Rain Recording 14th December 2005
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Which one is best when it comes to lowest noise (IMPORTANT), highest gain, best preamps....Well, which one is the best for silent...

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dkatz42 13th December 2005
Avatar for Indrestudios

Hello, I'm finishing up a new remote truck and I'm hunting for a curb panel I can install for cable access. I don't need a...

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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 7th December 2005
Avatar for ey up

Does anyone know of a Laptop Soundcard that has an AES/EBU i/o, not an S/PDIF?

ey up
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bernieL0max 15th November 2005
Avatar for edIT

I am looking for a SMALL & COMPACT EQ & Comp/Limiter solution to plug my laptop into for live performance sets. Sometimes...

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squeegybug 18th October 2005
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Newbie here, Hello, Have been looking around for a new laptop audio interface. What do I need. 2 channel in and out and...

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Joenco 10th October 2005
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I'm looking for opinions from others about remote truck construction. I'm starting to design a new truck to replace and upgrade...

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ClickTrackAudio 25th September 2005
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Hey, All.... I've been away for quite awhile...mind you, even before I tended to lurk on to find out what we've...

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ClickTrackAudio 5th September 2005
Avatar for DeeDrive

Anybody out there recording with a laptop and a Digi 002? I'm trying to get a decent laptop that I can do some mobile recording...

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Avatar for ExistanceMusic
ExistanceMusic 22nd August 2005
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I´ve been a voyeur of the site for a while and I´ve learned a great deal. From the most esoteric discussions to those grounded...

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bradb 17th August 2005
Avatar for Flyingeyepro

Ok, just got the box truck, need to add air conditioning. What are the pros and cons of rooftop RV style AC units versus window...

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Avatar for jabney
jabney 19th July 2005
Avatar for jspartz

Hello, I am looking for input on a solid, good sounding, intuitive interface/sound card for remote recording with a PC laptop....

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Avatar for Youn
Youn 19th July 2005
Avatar for chadly

Hopefully I can get some good insight on this. I've been asked to do a classical location gig (of which I've done quite a few of...

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Avatar for fifthcircle
fifthcircle 7th June 2005
Avatar for Beech

Hi folks, I'm interested in learning about the actual construction of the body of a truck or trailer. I am considering...

replies: 12 views: 2,744
Avatar for Jim vanBergen
Jim vanBergen 3rd June 2005
Avatar for soundwarrior

Hello everyone, I need a portable setup to do some remote recording. I need to be able to record at least 8 tracks...

replies: 77 views: 5,521
Avatar for bigbaby987
bigbaby987 20th May 2005
Avatar for alriley

I'm currently looking into putting on an open mic style laptop night in London - the idea being that anyone who brings along a...

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Avatar for Renie
Renie 5th May 2005
Avatar for krs

Ok so I want to start using my Trak2 on location. Problem is I refuse to haul out my DAW anymore. So I need a little box that has...

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Avatar for krs
krs 3rd May 2005
Avatar for Gordon

I'm looking for a PC laptop to do some remote recording, preferealy a Centrino for battery life and Heat issues. I intend on...

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Avatar for Gordon
Gordon 21st April 2005
Avatar for drongo

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone was using two powerbooks on the road. I use Logic and while the 1Ghz machine is good...

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Avatar for curly
curly 25th March 2005
Avatar for machinefunk

Hello, We are about to embark on a 48 track live recording using the following rig: 6 X Presonus Digimax 96 Preamps ->...

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Avatar for Waylon
Waylon 16th January 2005
Avatar for Henchman

All from ebay. Emachines m6805 without harddrive. Didn't matter though, because I wanted a 7200 drive anyway. Magma 4 card...

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Avatar for Henchman
Henchman 9th December 2004
Avatar for PlugHead

I thought the fireface was going to be a winner, and I imagine it to be a powerful tool. I want to know more, mostly from being a...

replies: 34 views: 4,255
Avatar for manning1
manning1 23rd October 2004
Avatar for Vaphoron

This thing looks incredible. "VENUE consists of the D-Show mixing console, FOH mix engine, a Stage Rack I/O unit with...

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Avatar for barefoot
barefoot 30th September 2004
Avatar for teamdresch

Ok, I've been thinking about getting a laptop to record gigs for local bands. I want to be able to record 8 tracks to be mixed...

replies: 18 views: 3,219
Avatar for mikedaul
mikedaul 5th August 2004
Avatar for bongo

I do a few small remotes a year, mainly organs at churches for a couple of publishing companies. I do them with a Precision 8...

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Avatar for audiothumbs
audiothumbs 1st July 2004
Avatar for Remoteness

This week the silver truck -- ol' Jethro (which just turned 17 years old this month) will be at Webster Hall for an MTV, HDNet...

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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 16th June 2004
Avatar for jabney

I'm converting a reformed carbohydrate-carrier into a remote-type truck. It's 16' fr headache panel to back-door, aluminum...

replies: 4 views: 1,418
Avatar for jabney
jabney 10th May 2004
Avatar for cajonezzz

We're using up to 32 tracks of DA78 for our remote recording gigs. We havent' used any kind of saftey back up as of yet. All...

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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 10th May 2004
Avatar for Unbound

Saw this on ebay a bit ago. Someone bid on it and won it. It went for...

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Remoteness 2nd May 2004
Avatar for TOR

hey all - thinking of branching out from not just recording in my little studio but recording live gigs and taking them back to...

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Avatar for seedee701
seedee701 29th March 2004
Avatar for giles117

Just curious as to some designs for remote trucks. I am ditching my 1st truck. Was a mechanical nightmare and buying a newer...

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Avatar for giles117
giles117 29th January 2004
Avatar for italysound

The floating floor in my mind is very important, all of the walls and ceiling must sit on the floating floor to be a true...

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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 28th January 2004
Avatar for dynamo

Hi everybody, following Steve's thread " Remote Approved truck list" i was thinking it may be interesting to have also...

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Avatar for Plush
Plush 13th January 2004
Avatar for Jinzter

Is this a good mic preamp? i'm on a ghetto budget but still want good sound. This is a mobile pre for laptops but can be used...

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Avatar for edmann
edmann 4th January 2004
Avatar for Telepc

First, let me try to assure you I'm not a troll. I just discovered this forum a month ago, and I've been lurking daily and...

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Avatar for Nathanael
Nathanael 19th October 2003
Avatar for SLS

Hello, First time post here. First off let me say...Great Forum! I am an engineer and need to design and build a mobile...

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Avatar for SLS
SLS 26th September 2003
Avatar for Jay Kahrs

Excellant condition! Yeah, new paint only... Check it. grudge howdy

Jay Kahrs
replies: 3 views: 1,781
Avatar for David R.
David R. 7th May 2003
Avatar for LiveWire

PRESS RELEASE April 9, 2003 LiveWire provided the broadcast mix for several of the acts featured on the 2003 Juno Awards from...

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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 21st April 2003
Avatar for Remoteness

Below is a list of many fine audio remote trucks for your review! Contact me if you encounter any broken links... Aura...

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Remoteness 2nd March 2003
Avatar for TinderArts

This month's Mix has an article on remote trucks featuring Steve, Kooster, Greg Hartman, Randy Ezratty, David Hewitt, Gary...

replies: 10 views: 3,125
Avatar for THEMIXFIX
THEMIXFIX 29th January 2003
Avatar for cajonezzz

Howdy! We've got two fridge size racks(12 or so pieces of gear), a couple powered speakers, two headphone amps and a computer....

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Avatar for Remoteness
Remoteness 27th August 2002


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