absolutely F'n exhausted.
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absolutely F'n exhausted.

well, after moving, establishing the general life crap, rearranging the new place 6 or 7 times, rebuilding a drum kit, building a new console, fixing random items, breaking random items, hooking everything up and troubleshooting, selling and purchasing new gears, making new cables, composing, completing and recording on albums and new material and all the time selling random unused stuff I'm finally where i think my small little home studio is going to be nestled, And I'm so beat i can't even get the stuff together.

that general life crap has a sub tab of all sorts of other crap I have been doing on top of all this crap.

all i have to do is rearrange what goes where in the racks, and wire it out. then fix a few small items and pick up a few small things and it's back to buisness as usual. I'm just beat up!

p.s. the new search is really terrible. i would have hoped in my sparse time on here they would have changed it back or to something else.
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