The Home Studio....diluting the talent pool
Old 23rd June 2007
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The Home Studio....diluting the talent pool

Yeah, I read the article in EQ.

So now I figure it's all my fault.

Hey...I did my stint on the live pro scene years ago and now, with the advent of the digital age of recording, I can sit at home and pump out mediocre recordings to spread out on places like MySpace and Soundclick.

The serious music audience must now sift through all of my stuff (and know who I'm talking about) to get to the real talent.

Not long ago I would have been 'weeded out' by unaffordable equipment and/or the record companies. Now, anything goes.

Where will it take us? Is this part of the evolutionary process that I posted about on that other 'Demise of the Music Industry' thread?

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