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* analogue drum-computer with tight step-sequencer and 16 instruments * immediate control, integration of MIDI and CV/Gate * different step-lengths per instrument * programmable accent- and pitch-bend-functions * 144 patterns with A/B-variations, fill-function to chain various patterns * 3 CV- and 2 Gate channels * roll- and flam-recording * individual and global swing-quantization * recording of control-value per step * 12 individual outputs, stereo output * MIDI- and clock-sync, MIDI-dump * metal chassis with wood side panels


Mfb tanzbar

I love the sound...but building quality and connections drive me crazy. I wanted to have a simple setup, with the Tanzbar MIDI OUT (sequencing) ---> Moog SubPhatty MIDI IN. No luck, I could not get it sorted....I am giving up on this Tanzbar.

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Behringer RD808 Analog Drum Machine

...than expected - its huge. It sounds great and build quality is impressive. Used to own a TR8 and a tanzbar, currently have a faulty elektron rytm. sound to me has the warmth and organicness of the tanzbar but obviously is an 808. i never felt the warmth of the tr8 but it did...

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Behringer RD-8 DIY Modifications

...rings; when you increase this feedback, the sound goes on forever - in some cases this sounds cool (the mfb tanzbär toms do this excellently), in some not super useable

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