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ULN-2 3D Expanded

Metric Halo ULN-2 3D Expanded
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Metric Halo ULN2 3D Expanded
Metric Halo ULN-2 Expanded is the result of a dream to create a piece of audio gear that provides unbelievable audio quality while at the same time offering a degree of mobility and convenience that until very recently was simply not possible. The successful integration of world-class analog stages, excellent A/D/A conversion, and the amazing digital mixing, routing and FireWire connectivity that has already made the Mobile I/O line famous, places the ULN-2 in a unique position among computer audio interfaces. The ULN-2 Expanded is a portable, high–quality, modular FireWire–based multi-format audio converter, interface, and processor for professional audio applications. The ULN-2 is equipped with two balanced analog inputs on Neutrik™ combo connectors, two channels of Digital I/O (AES/EBU and S/PDIF), eight channels of ADAT optical I/O with switchable TOSLINK support, two balanced analog outputs (1/4″ TRS), two balanced monitor outputs for connecting directly to power amps and self powered monitors, as well as wordclock in/out and 2 IEEE 1394 FireWire connectors that support 400 Mbs operation.

The Best Mic Pres Available
ULN stands for Ultra Low Noise and the Mic Pres in ULN-2 live up to the name. Providing massive gain (up to 72 dB) with an EIN of -130.5 dBu, fantastic detail and an ultra-fast slew rate, the ULN Mic pres are up to the most demanding recording situations you can throw at them. And of course it has the same FireWire connectivity, amazing A/D/A converters and powerful onboard DSP as its older sibling – the Mobile I/O 2882.

Balanced Analog Sends and Returns
The ULN-2 also features balanced analog inserts for each input. This lets you use ULN-2 as a standalone analog Mic pre/direct box; use the sends as an active splitter to drive a backup recorder, or even patch in analog dynamics processing between the Mic Pre and the integrated 24bit/96kHz A/D converters.

Flexible Powering Options
The 4-pin XLR power port on the ULN-2 allows you to power the unit with a variety of readily available broadcast battery systems. The 4-pin power port is compatible with power sources having the following characteristics: 9-30V DC, Pin 4 Hot, 15 Watts.

Key Features
2 Mic/Line/Instrument analog inputs on Neutrik Combo connectors
Balanced TRS analog sends and returns for analog inputs
2 analog outputs on balanced TRS connectors
24bit/96k converters on all channels
Headphone amp with front panel volume knob
Balanced stereo master control room monitor output with front panel volume control
AES-S/PDIF Digital I/O with selectable SRC
8 channels all new ADAT I/O with switchable TOSLINK support
v.5 Configurable mixer for near-zero latency mixing and routing
Metric Halo’s unique instantiable +DSP processing
4-pin XLR power port for compatibility with most location battery systems
10 front panel preset system/routing memories for stand-alone operation
FireWire Connectivity
Compact, light, and bus-powerable
Total recall with MIO Console
OS X drivers with multi-box support


Metric Halo 3D Is Here

Here are the links to the installation guides (video and PDF): 2882 3d Install: video: YouTube pdf: ULN-2 3d Install: video: YouTube pdf: ULN-8/LIO-8 3d Install: video: YouTube pdf:

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Metric Halo 3D Is Here

You have best Interface at home. Why you not extend this with the new 3D upgrade and be happy for the next 10 years?

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Metric Halo At Namm

...retooling that pulled resources from the Windows project. I ended up buying an RME Digiface, as an "adapter" between my ULN-2 3d and the 8-Core Win 10 Tower I have (via Toslink/USB-2). It works ridiculously well at about 1/2 the latency I was able to operate at with my MOTU 1248, and will hold...

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