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Pyramix is a digital audio workstation Available in both MassCore and Native versions, Available Sample rates and track count support: 384 tracks @ 44.1/48kHz 192 tracks @ 88.2/96kHz 96 tracks @ 176.4/192kHz 48 tracks @ 352.8/384kHz 48 tracks @ DSD64(2.4MHz), DSD128(5.2MHz) & DSD256(11.2MHz)


DSD recording/playback update?

...techniques,and after some time, getting consistent results, I have not looked back.. I moved forward and purchased a Hapi and Pyramix system. The price of admission in my opinion,was well worth it. I am very happy with the sound quality of this system.. OK, no more posting for me, it's time to get some...

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Non-microsoft DAWs for classical/acoustic

...real-time nature of music recording. But... (there's always a "but"), it seems that the major DAWs for classical/acoustical music, that is, Pyramix, Samplitude/Sequoia, and SADiE, all require an MS OS. Why is that? IDK. Given that they aren't going to change just for me, what's the best non-MS DAW for classical/acoustic? I need good capture on...

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Best Mastering DAW 2019 ?

really weird questions. T-Racks? Ozone? those are not DAWs. 64 bit transparent huh? there is no best. it's about ergonomics - diff people prefer diff. tools. tailored for mastering? Wavelab, Samp/Sequoia, Sadie, Pyramix ...some would say Reaper too.

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