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The JH-110 A Series of recorders consists of a JH-110 transport, from one to eight channels of audio electronics, and a power supply. Special broadcast and mastering machines are also available and some of systems are affered in 10 1/2 inch, 14 inch and/or 1000m DIN reel sizes. The systems are available unmounted (standard 19 inch rack mountable), or mounted in a variable profile cabinet or in an all-aluminium overhead bridge cabinet. The System shown here is a 4-track model with the standard RTZ I. The power supply mounts in the base cabinet. The System is also available in playback only versions. Heavy duty industrial casters make this unit easy to move. Recessed carrying handles are useful when moving over door sills or steps. All audio and power connections are out of the way in the rear of the cabinet. MODELS AVAILABLE The JH-110 Series encompasses the following systems: 1 - JH110A max. 10 1/2" reel, 3 speed transport, DIN hubs optional 2 - JH110A-14 max. 14" reel, 3 speed transport, DIN hub optional 3 - JH-110A-8 max. 10 1/2" reel, 3 speed transport, 4-tk 1/2" conversion kit optional 4 - JH-110BC max. 10 1/2" reel NAB or 1000m DIN, 2 speed transport 5 - JH-110M max. 14" reel, 3 speed transport, DIN hubs optional (specify particular disc cutting system to be used with for proper JH-110M model) All systems come standard 19" rack mountable, in the unique variable profile cabinet (except the JH-110A-8), or the aluminium overhead bridge cabinet. There are over 70 models of the various JH-110 Series recorders available including playback only systems.


Who can still master from 1/2"?

...archives: How many people out there still accept 1/2" for mastering? I got a sweet deal on a 1/4" MCI JH110 and am debating whether it's worth investing the money to convert it to 1/2". Thanks -Yosh!

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Anyone Still Using 70's Console & Tape Machine? a bit of a tech day today, so I'll play. Heres my view. I've got 5 MCI JH110 machines (1" 8track down to mono 1/4") 2 MCI JH24 machines, 2 or 3 Scully 280 machines, a Studer A800 MKIII... and a WONDERFUL SONY MXP3036 console. Everything works and gets...

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Terminating a patch bay for lower impedance outboard gear? How to

This thread is now gold thank you sir. It’s funny, Kizmit Studios in Brooklyn (wjere I often work) has 2 Scully machines with x8 280 heads!!ill be sure to tell the owner he’s gotta get on this too I don’t think he is. It’s incredible how few engineers are aware of this, ive been using...

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